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Jul 11, 2004 - Sep 16, 2007


Drama / Sci-fi




Tom - Joel GretschDiana - Jacqueline McKenzieRichard - Mahershalalhashbaz AliLily - Laura AllenShawn - Patrick FluegerIsabelle - Megalyn EchikunwokeKyle - Chad FaustDanny - Kaj-Erik EriksenNina - Samantha FerrisMeghan - Jenni BairdNikki - Brooke NevinMaia - Conchita CampbellAlana - Karina LombardJordan - Bill CampbellDennis - Peter Coyote

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A science fiction series following the strange arrival of 4400 people to Earth.

In what was first thought to be a comet deposits 4400 people at Highland Beach near Mount Rainier, WA. Each of these people had previously disappeared at various times dating as far back as 1946.

None of these people have aged from the time of their disappearance, and they now remember nothing of what occurred since they went missing.

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02/06/17 at 07:48pm

I meant "it's like paying for a BOOK missing the last chapter", sorry didn't catch the autocorrect mishap and there's no way to edit once posted.
02/06/17 at 07:45pm

It should be illegal end a show without providing a final season which will bring stories to a half-decent end. It's criminal to waste viewers time doling out frustration to viewers with one cancelled show after another. Some show should've never been even started, but for those that were well written and were left without an equally well written end, should be at the very least wrapped up properly! People watch TV and they pay with subscription and viewing a truckload of ads. So it's basically a fraud perpetrated on the viewers when a show is cancelled. It's like paying for a job missing the last chapter.
08/23/15 at 00:25am

You cancelled my favorite show before it even got to have a proper ending. Freakin network TV.
12/15/14 at 06:44am

I loved this show also. Its crazy that the very same thing happen to the show REVOLUTION.
06/03/14 at 11:13pm

I miss this show!,I hope they come back with the season 5
03/30/14 at 10:01am

there hasn't been a lot of good stuff on TV until I found this I didn't know how old it was but I got really into it really connected do it and now I find out its cancelled are you serious I have to say I'm pretty devastated
02/26/14 at 04:18pm

I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix and simply don't understand why the show was canceled. The last show did not finish the story and there is SOOOOO much that can be written to finalize this series in a more appropriate manner and I have many suggestions as do other fans like myself. The networks should be smart and bring it back.
01/19/14 at 02:56pm

I really wish Netflix of Amazon would pick this one back up.... One of my all time favorites. Sucha shame it never has the ending it deserved.
10/16/13 at 03:12pm

SERIOUSLY they need to bring this show back!!! If not to finish the whole story arc, then just to resolve the cliffhanger. Just a miniseries, or maybe a TV movie. Please. Pretty please. I miss this show. >.<.
09/25/13 at 02:38am

The show is awesome. It would be nice if Netflix picked it back up to do a season 5 or a Netflix original movie.

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