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A reality series focused on rehabilitating addicts.

In Intervention, people with dealing with substance abuse or other issues are confronted by friends and/or family and presented with an ultimatum to enter rehabilitation.

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Steve S.
03/15/21 at 00:19am

Save David Crosby!

Before it’s too late.
Kathleen Boudreau-Sakamoto
03/31/15 at 04:12pm

Glad to see someone (did the right thing) and got It back on! This show is so important to many many people they all know someone like this and with The tools this show has taught us we would still be lost!!! If it saves one loved one it's doing the job so many can't wrap there heads or hearts around!
A big (Thank You!) for bring it back !
10/10/14 at 11:22pm

Returning in early 2015 on Lifetime.
08/30/14 at 03:16pm

Intervention announced on their fb page that they are returning in October.
Tyron Wright Honor Student!
10/11/13 at 10:53pm

Wow I'm shocked! I used to watch this show all the time with my brother and mother. I mean I'm only 15 but I kind of thought it was inspirational to drug addicts and stuff. maybe the producers were sick and tired of the behavior of the addicts. Or the relapsing on drug after getting good treatment part. Well like they say all good things must come to an end.
Randall Morrison
07/02/13 at 07:42pm

In a year's time, we'll have an Intervention: Intervention Edition in which the lives of those undergoing withdrawal from the cancellation of Intervention work to rehabilitate their lives and become accustomed to new prime time programming.

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