It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Aug 04, 2005 - Present






Dennis - Glenn HowertonMac - Rob McElhenneyCharlie - Charlie DayDeandra - Kaitlin OlsonFrank - Danny DeVito

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A sitcom following a group of friends who run an Irish bar in South Philadelphia.

"The Gang" are a group of self-centered, underachieving friends who run a struggling bar in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Paddy's Pub.

Together they must see past their self-involvement in order to preserve their friendship and keep their business going.

Comments (10)

12/26/21 at 09:56pm

This show has the same genius writing formula as seinfeld. No hugging, no learning and no character growth. No evolving plot lines. No romance. Everyone stays the same and nobody learns from anything. Another show about nothing, 15 seasons later and it is still as fresh as day one.
12/08/16 at 03:32pm

You are so Right Charlee this is my favorite Comedy show still on!!! Wish Louie would come back
11/21/16 at 03:23pm

I seriously love this show.
02/20/16 at 06:17pm

Season 11 comes back stronger than ever! Excellent season very creative.
05/18/14 at 05:43pm

I wish i could understand the draw of this show. I am baffled. I do not find it remotely entertaining.
01/14/14 at 06:18pm

My day is now Sunny to find there are more seasons! I always run the show on Netflix when I'm home alone, reading or doing housework. I love Charlie and Sweetdee
07/20/13 at 07:43am

Yup, this is one of the greatest comedies on tv--a bunch of self-centered fools and Dennis has to be the worst! How can you not love this show?? Absolutely love these characters and I'm crazy about Danny DeVito. It's already on season 10, and most of the post popular comedies ran through season 9 so I'm hoping it can go for a couple of more.
05/28/13 at 10:21pm

I agree!! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best comedy TV show of all time! I don't know why it does not get the credit it deserves. I think it should have won several Emmys by now. I'm so happy it is coming back for another season!
04/30/13 at 09:03am

Greatest comedy show ever hands down
02/01/13 at 11:03pm

Another clever and outlandish comedy that doesn't get the credit it deserves. Can't wait to see the last couple seasons!

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