Numb3rs (aka Numbers)

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Jan 23, 2005 - Mar 12, 2010




Drama / Crime




Don - Rob MorrowCharlie - David KrumholtzAlan - Judd HirschDavid - Alimi BallardColby - Dylan BrunoAmita - Navi RawatLiz - Aya SumikaLarry - Peter MacNicol

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A crime drama following an FBI agent who solves crimes with the help of his mathematical genius brother.

Don Eppes is an FBI Special Agent who recruits his brother Charlie, a mathematical genius, to help solve some of the bureau's most challenging cases.

While others are skeptical of Charlie's involvement, he is backed up by a colleague at the university where he is also a professor.

Comments (6)

06/06/13 at 06:57pm

this was a good show
04/26/13 at 04:24pm

I miss this show!
03/20/13 at 12:01pm

another great show that should not have been taking off. sorry that it is gone.
07/09/12 at 07:13pm

i'm not a fan of maths, however this show was REALLY good and it helped me understand and enjoy math a bit more. Real shame the show has been axed, here in australia they onkly play re-runs and i miss the excitement of awaiting for new episode.they should have let it end properly.
06/17/12 at 08:25pm

Yes, they should have wrapped up the show with transfers, weddings, grandchildren etc...They really ended it to soon. Issue is americans just did not get a show revolved around math. If they showed this in Russia or China it would be on for 35 years!!!
Maria Rodriguez
09/21/11 at 06:34pm

This was a really good show .. They should of let it end properly..

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