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Jul 18, 2006 - Jul 16, 2012




Drama / Sci-fi




Jack - Colin FergusonAllison - Salli Richardson-WhitfieldHenry - Joe MortonZoe - Jordan HinsonNathan - Ed QuinnJo - Erica CerraDouglas - Neil GraystonZane - Niall MatterTrevor - James Callis

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Small Town. Big Secret. Eureka is a science fiction drama set in Eureka, Oregon.

A car accident leads U.S. Marshal Jack Carter into the top-secret Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, OR. For decades, the US government has relocated the world's smartest geniuses here - a town where innovation and chaos have lived hand in hand.

Nearly everyone in Eureka works for Global Dynamics, a huge advanced research facility responsible for the development of all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years.

Comments (66)

02/19/13 at 11:14am

Please bring Eureka back. It was one of my favorite series on SyFy. The quality of the programming has gone way downhill. Better quality shows attract a more loyal audience.
01/09/13 at 08:20am

All the Right Guard in the world can't save you now.
William wills
12/27/12 at 04:59pm

This show will be missed I loved this show
10/03/12 at 00:23am

This was the only show on Syfy worth watching. It had well developed characters and great stories. It got a little campy at times but was still very enjoyable. Eureka will truly be missed. This was a bad call on Syfy's part, I know Eureka was cancelled for budgetary reasons. I wish they understood that quality programming does cost more than reality crap TV, but it worth it.
09/10/12 at 05:37pm

Completely ridiculous!!! Try giving the ax to some of your paranormal activities and experience crap. The only good shows you have are the fictional...(example: good shows include Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven. Bad shows include Collection intervention (why would I wanna watch a show that shows me other peoples crap... let's see what else oh yeah...Ghost Hunters (who actually watches it) but apparently it is so popular that you needed an International Ghost Hunters...oh and lets not forget Paranormal Witness. Syfy executives get your heads out of your asses and look at your programming choices. Eureka didn't deserve to be cancelled but I did appreciate the open me a little hope for perhaps TV Movies or Holiday Specials...
08/12/12 at 09:19pm

Sure, the show became a bit sappy and I found some things kinda dumb, but overall the show is great! Please bring it back, there isn't much left to watch on SYFY.
michael lannen
05/31/12 at 02:19am

Sorry I just proof read my comments and sawm meany spelling errore. I am 70, have very bad arthuritus and it is hard for me to type.

Still feel the same about these stupid networks, all the uper management should be fired as the people who run our banks make millions on bonusis even when they have lost all our money invested in propeerty.
michael lannen
05/31/12 at 02:15am

The general opinion which is the same as mine is PUT IT BACK ON THE AIR.

Harry's Law when canceled had public opinion up in arms ready to lynch the people in charge of that network. The anger was emense. Here it is a more civel group of people mad but not ready to burn down the network. To many of our good showsm have been canceled I wish we could do more. I contacted the network on Hary's law. The email address given for comments was not in service and all other places that I could comment I received a form letter saying they could not spend the time to read my email and to contact them through you guessed it the emaIL ADDRESS THAT IS NOT WORKING./ Dumb idiots i will pick and choose my shows very carfully and not support nttworks that insult me by not even listening to my comments.
05/30/12 at 08:14pm

Reading this just broke my heart. This is my favorite show and I wasn't done with it yet. VERY DISAPPOINTING!
05/24/12 at 01:52pm

its sad but i loved the show :(

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