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Jul 07, 2006 - Mar 26, 2014


Comedy / Crime




Shawn - James RodayGus - Dulé HillLassie - Timothy OmundsonJules - Maggie LawsonKaren - Kirsten NelsonHenry - Corbin Bernsen

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A buddy-comedy mystery series following a young crime consultant who convinces everyone he's psychic.

Shawn Spencer possesses heightened powers of observation, thanks to his father who taught him to remember all the smallest details of his surroundings.

When Shawn is accused of committing a crime that he actually solved, he convinces the Santa Barbara Police Department that he's psychic. Along with the reluctant help of his best friend Gus, Shawn starts solving cases for a skeptical, albeit impressed, police squad.

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12/21/12 at 08:08pm

This show was witty and fun in the first few seasons with Sean's antics of having psychic moments. like him talking to a cat...or making a big production about a pyschic moment, but I've noticed over the past few seasons that he barely puts his hand to his head anymore as if its a chore. Someone needs to bring the silly back to the show and sean needs to step up his psychic moments.
08/12/12 at 03:03pm

Loved the earlier seasons of this show, but last season was missing something. I watched it a couple of times, but it seemed like everyone took stupid pills; instead of being witty it was just pathetic. A little silliness was always amusing but we need some seriousness to balance it out.
08/11/12 at 08:54am

This show was funny for a few seasons but it is the same old stuff anymore. I don't understand how this show lasted seven seasons but Stargate universe got cancelled. Looks like the world is moving towards what the movie idiocracy was trying to say. we are being overrun by morons. STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BREED! just my opinion
06/17/12 at 11:01pm

Well, C-dubbs, looking at your horrible spelling and grammar we can understand why someone like you wouldn't like the show. You're not smart enough to understand and follow it. Stick to your Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer, k?
06/12/12 at 01:27pm

Does anyone know when Psych is coming back on for their new season????
04/16/12 at 01:50pm

Psych is one of the best shows to ever run on television. The sixth season, however is missing a red line, and they sacrificed alot of the suspense for humor. Seasons 4 and 5 had the same amount of thrill and suspense as thrillers like Breaking Bad and Burn Notice. I hope that season 7 will bring back some more seriousness to the show!
03/28/12 at 09:50am

If you have any sense of humor at ALL, you will find this show hysterical. I am a highly educated 30 something mother of three and my husband and I laugh for a full hour at this show. It has funny references to the 80's in it as well. The actors are all perfect in their roles and really perform well with each other. Remember it's a COMEDY!!! It's supposed to be silly.
03/02/12 at 02:41pm

This is the dumbest show I ever seen in my life I do not know how it last there must be some crack head stoners watching it because that is what u would have to be to continue watching these total idiots!

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