Burn Notice

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Jun 28, 2007 - Sep 12, 2013


Drama / Action




Michael - Jeffrey DonovanFiona - Gabrielle AnwarSam - Bruce CampbellMadeline - Sharon GlessJesse - Coby Bell

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An action drama where an intelligence agent receives a "burn notice" while on assignment in Nigeria.

The title of the show refers to the notices issued by intelligence agencies to announce the dismissal of agents who are now deemed unreliable.

When Michael Westen receives one of these "burn notices" while on assignment, he is dropped in Miami to fend for himself with no money or credentials to his name.

In order to fund his investigation into who sabotaged him and why, Michael takes on work as a freelance private investigator.

Comments (31)

Alfonso Trujillo
09/01/18 at 04:31pm

I laugh a lot I agree with everybody no more comments they cover everything
Thomas Edward
01/18/14 at 09:25am

I just discovered Burn Notice a couple weeks ago ... enticed by an article in TV Guide. I set my DVR to record ALL shows ... and have been really enjoying this show from its pilot on ... thankfully, in chronological order. The main character is like the offspring of MacGyver and Alias, with little doses of The Man from UNCLE and Maxwell Smart rolled in. And I've been a fan of Bruce Campbell since his many appearances in Xena and Hercules, not to mention his Evil Dead days. And who can not fall in love with the striking beauty and tough-as-nails persona of Fiona as adeptly protrayed by Gabrielle Anwar. Despite my newfound love of this show, I can understand if some viewers get inured to the same old "save someone from bad guys" structure of the show. However, the main character's ongoing efforts to resolve the "burn notice" thematic issue has (so far in the limited number of shows I've seen) keeps the show from becoming too formulaic. My advice: Just sit back and enjoy!!
01/15/14 at 09:38am

This was a good show but it had run its course. I actually thought it could/should have ended after Season 6 since he found out who burned him and ended up back in the game.
01/05/14 at 03:54pm

Too bad this was cancelled - I thought it was a really good program with lots of twists and turns. Oh well, guess I'll just have to watch the reruns :(
09/21/13 at 05:53pm

Where will we ever find such a Postitive Role Model to all Woman and & Young Girls, as the Intelligent, Independent, Fierce and Absolutely Kick-Ass Fiona! Glennann. She Truly was a Great Female on TV
09/14/13 at 06:54am

Thats what made it so great wish they had done that in the first season.
09/13/13 at 10:46am

How can u call that a great ending it stunk that his mom had to die
09/12/13 at 11:29pm

Best Ending ever!! For a Great show.
Finally! with many shows that get canceled or end.
They give us the prefect ending for this great show:)
Will be missed.
08/09/13 at 09:47pm

what will we do without Michael Westen and Sam X?
08/09/13 at 00:07am

I love this show ! But why ,? Great scripts ! Make no since ! what I hate to find out later after season is over.... an am looking forward to the next season.... if you going to cancel at least end it with a final good show and say THE END !

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