Burn Notice

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Jun 28, 2007 - Sep 12, 2013


Drama / Action




Michael - Jeffrey DonovanFiona - Gabrielle AnwarSam - Bruce CampbellMadeline - Sharon GlessJesse - Coby Bell

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An action drama where an intelligence agent receives a "burn notice" while on assignment in Nigeria.

The title of the show refers to the notices issued by intelligence agencies to announce the dismissal of agents who are now deemed unreliable.

When Michael Westen receives one of these "burn notices" while on assignment, he is dropped in Miami to fend for himself with no money or credentials to his name.

In order to fund his investigation into who sabotaged him and why, Michael takes on work as a freelance private investigator.

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05/13/13 at 01:36pm

I just found out that Burn Notice will be having a final season. This just stinks because it was a good show and always had good ratings. I think USA is making a mistake to end this show. You watch they will put on some dumb reality show, or something like that... They keep ending good shows, and adding the dumb ones. I think everyone who loves Burn Notice should let them know we want to keep it...... Stop the madness.......
04/13/13 at 11:50am

I've learned alot of dirty tricks, thanks to the professional-sounding advice from the fictional Michael Weston. His sexy hot partner, Fiona completes the show.
sara hempstead
11/04/12 at 04:14am

I heard burn notice is renewed for a seventh and final season when wI'll that start?
08/28/12 at 02:56pm

When I grow up I wanna be Michael Weston! Great show!!
Dave Campbell
05/15/12 at 09:32pm

this show is awesome. never seems to get stale. action action action! twist twist twist......
Kjell Dahl
04/24/12 at 06:21pm

I woder if some of you have watched "Lilyhammer" on Netflix. Show staring Little Steven Van Zandt, escaping the mafia and had to get new identity in Norway. Check it out, it's pretty weird :)
04/19/12 at 09:37pm

Late to the show. Started watching old seasons on Netflix. Love it! Love it! Love it! Can't get enough Michael Westen. Hopefully it will continue for a few more seasons.
Linda Raymond
03/23/12 at 10:26am

Love this show from day one, creative, excellent acting and love the addition of Jesse, because the actor came from my favorite all time show 3rd watch
01/28/12 at 10:08am

Love this show, but wish it would get more back to the kind of scripts it started with - with his effort to clear himself in the background. Am getting a lottle tired of the evil guys manipulating Michael, but all the same, still love this series.
12/07/11 at 11:00am

Very good show with a very talented main cast.

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