Private Practice

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Sep 26, 2007 - Jan 22, 2013




Drama / Medical




Addison - Kate WalshPeter - Tim DalyNaomi - Audra McDonaldSam - Taye DiggsViolet - Amy BrennemanCooper - Paul AdelsteinCharlotte - KaDee StricklandDell - Chris Lowell

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A spin-off of Grey's Anatomy following one of their departed doctors as she leaves Seattle to join a private practice in Los Angeles.

Private Practice follows renowned neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery as she escapes from her dysfunctional love triangle with "McDreamy" and "McSteamy" from Grey's Anatomy.

Addison departs Seattle Grace Hospital to start fresh in LA, where she takes a position at Oceanside Wellness Group, a co-op clinic run by her recently divorced friends.

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01/06/13 at 06:13pm

I love this show, especially Cooper and Charlotte. I will be sad to see the show ending.
12/18/12 at 08:03pm

Yet another great show is cancelled while the stupid shows stay on the air!
12/13/12 at 03:10am

I love this show, but the "sex", "multiple partners" amoung doctors who know the risks and should know better, maybe even set an example...... and with less than a dozzen main characters, 2 violent crimes and at least 5 deaths..... All I can say is how thankful I am that Sheldon found that little girl "alive" on this weeks show. How about a bit more "happily ever after" in entertainment. Real life is sad enough, I don't want to cry while watching a fictional show. Keep it on, but bring up the moral standards.
11/18/12 at 05:40pm

Good riddance....Now if they will finally wise up and pull Grey's Anatomy.....Night time soap operas and reality shows....And they wonder why people care nothing about most of what TV offers nowadays.
11/10/12 at 03:05pm

08/24/12 at 08:20pm

I can't believe they are thinking about ending the show in two seasons.
Chris Newman
07/31/12 at 12:21pm

I am so pleased that PP will be returning. There seems to be such connection between the characters and much more to say and do!
Cara Stone
05/15/12 at 05:09am

Hope this one stays on a lot longer. Actually like better than Grey's, it's "mother show." :-)
04/12/12 at 07:39pm

According to their facebook page from earlier today, PP will be returning but on a new day. Tuesdays at 9pm central

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