The Sarah Silverman Program

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Feb 01, 2007 - Apr 15, 2010






Sarah - Sarah SilvermanLaura - Laura SilvermanBrian - Brian PosehnSteve - Steve AgeeJay - Jay Johnston

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A comedy depicting the various hi-jinks and adventures of Sarah and her friend.

The Sarah Silverman Program uses humor predominantly based on satirizing conventional family-friendly television shows.

Comments (4)

08/22/14 at 11:25am

Thank GOD!!!!
Francisco Rubio
03/28/12 at 01:27am

I know Sarah Silverman's brand of comedy is 'shock comedy' or 'filth comedy' but it just doesn't carry that well... and my wife can vouch for that (I'm speaking for her).

I just think Sarah's brand of comedy works better in a club rather than on TV. She's funny at times but a little too (ok, a LOT brash) brash for some of us, especially the women that I know, personally, who have watched her spew/rant on her show.

One wonders, do you kiss your Mother with that mouth, Sarah? (It's a joke, kinda). :-)
12/22/11 at 07:56am

loved this show, tragedy
Bri C
10/20/11 at 11:35am

Sarah's show is so funny! So sad to see it gone.


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