19 Kids and Counting

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Sep 29, 2008 - May 19, 2015








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A reality series following the Duggar family.

Cameras in this reality series follow Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar along with their 19 children, which include nine girls and ten boys. High school sweethearts, Jim Bob and Michelle live in Arkansas and are devout Independent Baptists, which means they let God determine how many children they have rather than use birth control.

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03/14/16 at 06:22am

did anyone get an uneasy feeling about jim-bob? and isn't the mom a little "stepford"?
12/09/15 at 08:42am

happy this show is gone! sick disgusting people covering up a sex scandal their son was in. What's worse is that the two of the daughters who were molested by their brother get their own tv show! this is bad tv!! pointless, get all these people off the tv once and for all!
Shelly B
11/15/15 at 04:51pm

This was on for almost 7 years!!! Unbelievable ... Poor TLC is really hurting for shows!!!! I almost made it through an episode...and I like most reality shows. Sad it took a sex criminal act to pull the show...such a good Christian family!!
09/10/15 at 11:19pm

If SEX is not in the first episode
it ruins the show in the end!!!!
08/19/15 at 02:47pm

thank goodness it is over. What did we learn with this being on The Learning Channel? With this and other schlock, I learned never to watch this channel again. Then again, I think reality TV is ruining TV.
07/22/15 at 02:31am

Hallelujah. I'm sick of TV producers, producing this junk trying to make us believe this is television. You feed the egos of these people, until you find something horribly wrong..
When if you ever watch any of the earlier stuff, it would have been obvious.
PLEASE do not subject use to take off shows with those couples. PLEASE!!!!
End it NOW.

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