In Plain Sight

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Jun 01, 2008 - Jul 01, 2012


Drama / Crime




Mary - Mary McCormackMarshall - Fred WellerBrandi - Nichole HiltzStan - Paul Ben-VictorJinx - Lesley Ann WarrenRaph - Cristián de la Fuente

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A crime drama following a US Marshal attached to the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Mary Shannon is a US Marshal who takes pride in her work as a protector. Based out of the Federal Witness Protection office in Albuquerque, she helps witnesses get a fresh start, leaving everything from their past lives behind.

Some are innocent victims of crime, while others are the criminals themselves. Regardless of their situation, Mary - along with her partner Marshall - must help them transition into their new identities.

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05/13/12 at 06:30pm

why? Why cancel the show mary could have been a cousulant
05/13/12 at 03:14pm

I can't believe they cancelled this show, it was really good. But they keep those crap sitcoms. I agree with karen, every time there is a strong female lead, it cancelled. Missing was a great show, another female lead. I guess the network heads are all men. They can't take it when a woman take the lead. Shame on all you pityful men.
05/13/12 at 01:48pm

its crazy to cancel a hit show because Mary wants to quit. I like her but the show should continue with the other characters.
05/06/12 at 08:46am

I was so excited that Marshall was going to FINALLY tell Mary that he loved her.

I cant believe they even screwed that up!!

I am going to miss this show. Very sad day.
05/05/12 at 10:24am

This was one of the very best shows on TV. The characters, chemistry, plot and writing were consistently superior to anything else on, except perhaps House. Very disappointing!
05/02/12 at 07:29pm

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! C'mon...what about Mary's baby and whether she gets with Marshall Marshall. THIS SUCKS! I should never have come to this site, as I've seen one to many of my shows that are not coming out of "hibernation" :(
04/30/12 at 03:53pm

Can't believe they are canceling this show! I have watch every episode on its air date since the very first episode! I usually look forward to it season after season and was quite depressed when I realized it would be cancelled. I wonder If it's petitioned and they get enough signatures, if they will return it.
04/12/12 at 07:01pm

I'm seeing a theme in the cancellation in Strong Female Lead Dramas.......cancelled cancelled cancelled...this is crap!
Gale Gire
04/12/12 at 02:50pm

I hate that this has been cancelled. My wife & I don't miss a show and look forward to it every week
pat vega
04/10/12 at 11:59am

sorry to see it go. one of my favorites . Maybe its because Mary had her 3rd baby in real life & she
whats to be home with her small children. Maybe some one can tell me the reason it is being cancelled

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