Legend of the Seeker

- Cancelled -
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Nov 01, 2008 - May 22, 2010


Drama / Fantasy




Richard - Craig HornerKahlan - Bridget ReganZedd - Bruce SpenceCara - Tabrett Bethell

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A syndicated fantasy adventure series.

The series follows the epic journey of a young woods guide named Richard, a mysterious woman named Kahlan, and a wizard named "Zedd". Together they fight to stop Darken Rahl from unleashing an ancient and terrifying power.

Comments (13)

Karen Shortridge
02/05/16 at 09:54am

Excellent. Please bring it back
02/17/15 at 06:05am

This is so sad. This show was excellent! Bring it back
11/08/14 at 01:11pm

I know I am three years to comment on this show, but hey better late then never. I dont know why, they cancel every freakin show that is good, it was one was my favorite show. They cancelling, one by one, every show that I like. May they rot in hell. :P
07/01/14 at 07:26pm

Loved this show. Hate that it was cancelled. The writing was very good.
02/28/13 at 11:53am

This was such a great show. I don't know why it got cancelled. But i think that y'all should bring it back. The actors play such a wonderful role. I love the show wish they wouldn't have cancelled!!
10/23/12 at 07:05pm

The best show since Spartacus. sam rami produced this show xena herc and spartacus.
10/01/12 at 03:21pm

I know it's a couple years too late, but cancelling this show is just absolutely uncool. Please redeem yourselves and bring it back. Also, when Nathan Fillion is finished with Castle, please bring back Firefly. Unforgivable that it was cancelled in the first place. If it was too expensive to produce, i'm sure American citizens would donate an obscene amount to bring it back.
05/19/12 at 02:39pm

I am still upset that this show was cut short. There was a great story line and even better actors and actresses to back it up. There was so much potential for this show. I don't care if someone compared it to Xena. Xena was awesome, too! I just think they screwed up cancelling this show. People didn't know about it.
04/27/12 at 05:40am

The show was nothing like the books. The set-up was loosely based on the books, but then it just became a new version of the Hercules and Xena series.
04/09/12 at 11:28pm

This was an incredible show. I wish I had watched it when it was on the network.

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