Murdoch Mysteries

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Jan 20, 2008 - Present


Acorn TV


Drama / Crime


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A drama following a Toronto detective working near the turn of the twentieth century.

Detective William Murdoch is a police detective in Toronto, Canada in the late 1800s. Working with his team consisting of an Inspector, a Doctor, and a young constable, Murdoch solves crimes utilizing advanced methods for the time such as surveillance, finger marks, blood tests, and trace evidence.

Comments (11)

06/15/22 at 09:38pm

How could they leave Julia still pregnant at the end of Season 15?!?!?!?! Will there be a Season 16?
Bob Marley
11/02/21 at 08:05am

What happened to the aliens from season 12 episode 6?
Randolph Miller
09/27/21 at 07:55pm

I have to say this is really Canadian TV at its best. Id rather watch toothpaste commercials than this junk.
the doctor
01/14/20 at 00:15am

murdoch mysteries has 18 episode in series 13
Kathy Dempsey
07/09/19 at 04:57pm

When is Season 13 starting? IMDB shows S13 but no dates other than 2019. Any ideas IMSC?
Christine Bradtke
03/18/19 at 02:34pm

I absolutely love this show. Fabulous cast and wonderful storyline. Please don't cancel.
Lorraine Sarault
09/10/17 at 12:28pm

my husband and I really enjoy watching this program. Gives us quality time together. Not often he watches my favorite programs. Good Work
03/13/17 at 02:31pm

Been enjoying every season of this, I really do hope it will continue for many more years. Humour, murder, love, friendship - here's a little bit of a lot of the good stuff.
02/14/17 at 01:34am

Add to the above a bit of romance, a funny captain and lovable constable and the hour just flies by. Lots of fun, interesting plots easy to watch with characters you can't help but love. Throw in some notable characters from history and it is easy to see why this show has lasted so long.
Glen Boniface
06/11/16 at 05:44am

Yannick Bisson stars as the main character, sort of a techie of his time around the turn of the century, as he solves murders with the help of the coroner doctor. He also stars in Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye, which I cannot find on this web site.

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