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Sep 23, 2008 - Feb 18, 2015




Drama / Crime




Patrick - Simon BakerTeresa - Robin TunneyKimball - Tim KangWayne - Owain YeomanGrace - Amanda Righetti

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A crime drama focusing on an independent consultant who has a remarkable track record for solving crimes by using his astute skills of observation.

Patrick Jane is an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation. Using his keen observation skills, he helps solve serious crimes.

He also used to act as a psychic medium, but admits his use of paranormal abilities is not real - a revelation that came about due to remorse over his attention-seeking behavior that attracted a serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter.

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12/25/15 at 08:20pm

Hi Bob
I had a suggestion for you;
but it appears you are already there.
02/26/15 at 05:25pm

Some things I would like to comment:
1) There are still questions on the William Blake association. They completely abandoned that during the course of the series, probably to give it a quicker ending.
2) Nonetheless, I liked the ending very much. As someone said, it kinda ran its course to an end and they managed to close all questions, except those around William Blake's association.
3) For those looking for other works of Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, check Gotham. It's supposed to be a hero/villain series, but actually turned out to be focused on investigation and mafia more than anything, with a few flashes on Bruce Wayne's story.
mike lannen
02/21/15 at 08:03pm

I liked the ending. It answered any questions I might have had. All shows should have proper endings like this one.
02/18/15 at 11:19am

Not so much cancelled as "run it's course" ... Love the show hate to see it go ... sssokay, sump'n else will turn up ...
mike lannen
02/11/15 at 07:57pm

Love the show, hate to see it canceled. I will bet what ever show replaces it will not get the same ratings, so good luck CBS Put hundreds of actors, writers, staff people all out of work. Real shame. MKL@ML
billy redd
02/08/15 at 06:43pm

this is one of the best shows need to keep it on
Jeff yasick
11/29/14 at 10:43am

Get more seasons
11/02/14 at 05:22pm

09/25/14 at 03:00pm

I love The Mentalist! I did like CBI with everyone better; however, I haven't stopped watching! Don't want it canceled.
08/21/14 at 07:36pm

Please don't .cancel! Love this. Show........

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