16 and Pregnant

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Jun 11, 2009 - Jul 01, 2014








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A reality series focused on the hardships of teenage pregnancy.

This reality series follows stories of various pregnant teenage girls who must deal with their life-changing experience while still attending high school.

A different girl is featured in each episode, which begins a few months into their pregnancy and covers a timeline through until a few months after their baby is born.

The show has spawned spin-off series' Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Comments (20)

11/17/18 at 05:09pm

This show ended back in 2014 and has been replaced with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant so you can move it over to the cancelled shows catergory.
03/21/17 at 03:21pm

Fake just like The Bachelor, Survivor, Big Brother. Kill off these stupid shows.
09/06/16 at 10:50am

Stupid shows like this brainfried the minds of viewers. No wonder TV is stupid and getting stupider.
05/31/16 at 07:12am

Honestly they should bring this show back. I am seeing ,ore and more teen pregnancy in this generation and it's sad. It's just because kids these days think they are ready and adults or are just being stupid. This show helped show the hardships and horrors of teen pregnancy.
Gary W
04/02/15 at 00:21am

Why is this on..this is a good example of why the world we live in now is as bad as it is..kids are so impressionable and this glorifies and promotes teen pregnancy...15 years ago this would have been taboo and inappropriate.why does are society now reward these girls for being loose whores..nothing but trailer trash who are now millionaires for being slutty...sad sad world we live in
12/23/14 at 01:23pm

cancel this crap
08/21/14 at 10:48am

16 and pregnant is a good thing to watch and good way to learn about teen pregnancy. Sometimes it can be easy but most the time it is hard! This show is a really
Good show! I'm glad it was put on MTV
07/10/14 at 01:57pm

I don't understand why people are hating on the show. If you actually watch the show the point of the show is to show how hard it is to be a parent at a young age, not encourage teens to have kids or be sexually active.
05/16/14 at 07:45pm

This show is just motivating teens to get pregnant . All these shows that involve the teen getting sexually active and pregnant should just be cut off the air. I am sick of teenagers acting like it's okay to get pregnant and come out in tv and magazines.
11/15/13 at 09:18pm

This show is ******* stupid. All these shows that involve the teen ******* getting sexually active and pregnant should just be cut off the air. I am sick of teenagers acting like it's cool to be a slut. I went to high school with a girl who got pregnant and her first thing to do was to write Mtv a letter as to why she should be considered for the show. She got denied and got an abortion. These shows are the scum of the earth and shouldn't be allowed to air.

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