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Feb 04, 2009 - Dec 22, 2012








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A reality series following Billy Bretherton as he tackles some of Louisiana's creepiest and most outrageous pest problems.

Formerly called "The Exterminators" in its first season, "Billy the Exterminator" follows pest control expert Billy Bretherton and his family as they tackle some of the most crazy and unusual pest problems in Louisiana. From spiders to cougars, Billy has seen it all.

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05/23/18 at 10:53am

Please bring back Billy the exterminator my daughter loves Billy
05/16/18 at 06:17am

Please bring Billy back. I love the show and i learn a lot from him. Don't cancel a great show.
05/12/18 at 08:03am

This show has always been entertaining. Billy is enjoyed by children and adults. You should get some more episodes going. I don't care if he's in LA or some other state as he was in the last season. This show is fun to watch.
04/24/18 at 01:53pm

Please bring Billy back. I have learned more from him than any exterminator I have ever had. Everybody wants to watch him.
Jen T.
04/06/18 at 02:38pm

Will Billy be back? I can't find the answer to tell my kids who love him. Me? Oh yeah, I love him too. So does my Mom. So that's 3 generations of Billy lovers right there. Why wouldn't you bring back show so beloved?
Tracy Medsker
02/06/18 at 12:41pm

I LOVE Billy!! Please bring him back in 2018! He's genuine, intelligent, masterful, hilariously funny, and an AF Vet... he's in tune with Nature, and a pure joy! Come back, Billy; I'd follow you anywhere! ♡♡♡
02/03/18 at 11:59am

Please bring Billy back, miss the alligators and bee stings!
Jessie McRoberts
02/02/18 at 03:10am

Billy The Exterminator is an Amazing Reality Series Is the best On A&E because i'was never Watch This Channel But until "Billy The Exterminator Start for the Very First time On A&E and Now I'm in Love With Billy :-)
Jessie McRoberts
02/02/18 at 03:01am

i'love Billy The Exterminator" Please AA&E Bring Him Back,is the Only Show that We Watch At Home On A&E
Rusty Buchanan
10/15/17 at 03:09pm

I watched Billy since I was 8 years old and it killed me when he stop showing on TV please come back Billy we all miss you!!!!

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