Defying Gravity

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Aug 02, 2009 - Oct 23, 2009




Drama / Sci-fi




Maddux - Ron LivingstonTed - Malik YobaZoe - Laura HarrisEvram - Eyal PodellJen - Christina CoxTrevor - Peter HowittPaula - Paula GarcesClaire - Maxim RoyNadia - Florentine LahmeEve - Karen LeBlancRollie - Ty Olsson

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A science fiction drama set in space that follows eight astronauts on a six-year mission.

Set in the near future, Defying Gravity combines the science fiction premise of a space mission with the drama that occurs between the astronauts, who are comprised of four men and four women.

The crew are on-board the international spacecraft Antares, as every aspect of their lives is being recorded and broadcast back to Earth as part of a documentary. There also lies a mysterious storage pod that will have an unknown impact on their mission.

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02/13/13 at 11:54pm

This was a truly great show. Smart, creative, completely engaging- excellent science fiction that could have been an all time great genre program if it were given a chance. Alas, most of the genuinely good programs are cancelled in short order. There don't seem to be many people who enjoy thinking anymore. Reality programming is brain-rot for stupid people.
04/20/12 at 00:24am

This show was original, good chemistry amongst the cast. Don't introduce a story like this in the summer and then cancel it without really giving it a chance. That was stupid!

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