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Sep 23, 2009 - Dec 16, 2009




Comedy / Drama




Joanna - Lindsay PriceKat - Jaime Ray NewmanRoxanne - Rebecca RomijnDarryl - Paul GrossPenny - Sara RueMia - Ashley BensonRaymond - Jon BernthalBun - Veronica CartwrightWill - Johann Urb

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A dramedy adaptation of the John Updike novel The Witches of Eastwick.

Three strangers meet at their small town's wishing fountain and become fast friends. A mysterious man has also moved to the town, and has plans for the women. He befriends them, with plans to unleash their supernatural powers.

Comments (8)

09/13/14 at 09:09am

Of course nobody picked this show up, its cheaper to make more STUPID reality shows. This was a great show and again fans were left hanging.
03/02/14 at 02:11pm

Anotha show ABC canceled .. WHat the Heck is wrong with them !! This was a GREAT show!!
12/09/13 at 11:02pm

It figures,finally a show that isn't a reality one, and is good. I hope another channel is smart enough to pick it up.
05/23/13 at 05:59am

Good show. Another cancelled and reality keeps on coming in that no one I know likes. Try taking a worldwide poll. Maybe this would open their eyes.
05/15/12 at 05:53pm

Should have left it i thought it was a good show i no longer watch anything on on your channel.
05/14/12 at 05:11pm

Of course........ABC!!!! The "one hit wonder" channel!!! That's why we've just about stopped watching it. We even quit watching Greys & Private Pactice because of them!
01/21/12 at 06:01pm

I loved this show. It was wayyyy better than Charmed, which I was also a big fan of (I own the entire run of it), and I was really upset when it got cancelled.
10/03/11 at 11:26pm

Too bad it is gone I really like these supernatural-type shows but they never seem to last...Sad but true!

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