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Jun 16, 2009 - Aug 16, 2011




Drama / Medical




Christina - Jada Pinkett SmithTom - Michael VartanRay - David Julian HirshBobbie - Suleka MathewCandy - Christina MooreCamille - Hannah HodsonKelly - Vanessa LengiesNick - Marc Anthony

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A medical drama following a Chief Nursing Officer who strives to put her patients' lives first.

Christina Hawthorne spends her days and nights leading a group of nurses on the front lines at Richmond Trinity Hospital. She's compassionate and headstrong, refusing to let doctors or administrators get in the way of her providing proper care for her patients.

A recently widowed single mother, Hawthorne’s dedicated focus on helping others takes a toll on her personal life. She struggles to maintain a proper balance between her career, raising her daughter, and taking care of herself.

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10/04/15 at 03:31pm

I don't think that I am alone on this as you can see but Hawthorne was really an excellent show still ia I watch it on Netflix even though there old but this show had great people on it and behind it great story line, actors and EVERYTHING man I miss this show please I wish it was a way to bring this show back it has been almost 5 years or whatever that it hasn't been on tv, the best show ever hands down I'm still upset about it been cancelled 😔😓 then it left us speechless by leaving us hanging and wondering if Nick shot himself or did Tom do it Etc. But besides that what the heck please bring this AWESOME SHOW BACK #truefan #teamHawthorne please I'll do anything just to bring this back and hopefully another tv network will pick it up please 🙏
01/29/15 at 08:25pm

Is there anyone who doesn't know that Jada and Marc were involved? Their chemistry was palpable! Congrats to Jada for keeping her marriage together. I doubt she was the reason that his marriage broke up. That was no doubt in the works before she came along. And wasn't Marc married when he and Jennifer got involved? This seems to be a habit of his...
Ms. G
09/10/14 at 07:02am

This was another show that started off great but by the last season had taken a turn for the worst.
10/14/13 at 10:41am

Too many bad shows out there this is a goooooood one please
bring it back. I love this show
05/23/13 at 05:28am

Good show. Sorry it was cancelled. So many of the good shows with good story lines seem to get cancelled.
04/10/13 at 04:04am

I agree with Shari on pg 1! Bring it back...there's still hope.
03/29/13 at 04:58pm

Bring the show back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/20/13 at 03:20pm

You know, I have stopped watching this network because this is the second time I got sooo invested in a show on this network and they suddenly just pulled it. Never again. I actually refused to watch this TNT (to never televise)again. What is so funny is that even my husband used to look forward to this show, and all he ever watches is ESPN. so it had something for both women and men. And now its gone forever. Crap!
01/17/13 at 10:02am

I loved the show, but was so disappointed in Jada when she had sex with the cop. We believe they really did have sex in front of the world. You know Jada belittled Will years earlier by saying what she would allow him to do in the movies. She would have never sat still for Will to do anything near what she did. Why would Jada do this? She is a great actor and doesn't need to pull stuff like this. I hope they will bring the show back, but keep it clean from now on. Jada has a great family and she doesn't need to bully Will. He is a good man and he loves her and their children, that alone is why he will always do the right thing. What will keep her from doing wrong. Again she was 200% wrong having sex on tv. Will and the children deserve better than that.
11/25/12 at 10:03am

Please bring the show back it was awsome

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