I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

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May 26, 2009 - Oct 19, 2011








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A reality series about women who do not know they're pregnant.

Women get the surprise of a lifetime when they find out they're pregnant – after going into labor!

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Missy W.
06/15/14 at 09:36pm

I actually know someone who did'nt know she was pregnant.We go to the same Church.It was her 1st kid.She was told that she could not get pregnant because she had a condition that prevents that.We'll,What a surprise.She was at a company picnic with her husband.She thought she wet her pants,she did'nt.When they both called their parents of coarse they did not believe either one of them.She did'nt babysit as a teenager either.She said she learned quick( even how to change a diaper).There was an 'emergancy' baby shower at Church a few days later.

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