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Jun 21, 2009 - Mar 23, 2013




Drama / Fantasy




Merlin - Colin MorganPrince Arthur - Bradley JamesGaius - Richard WilsonUther - Anthony HeadGuinevere - Angel CoulbyMorgana - Katie McGrathThe Great Dragon - John HurtNimueh - Michelle Ryan

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A retelling of a famous legend, filled with mystery and adventure.

Merlin takes the original Arthurian legends of Camelot and introduces us to an Arthur who is not quite King and a Merlin who is not yet in control of his powers or aware of his destiny.

Characters such as Guinievere, Morgana le Fay, and Lancelot also are woven into the story.

Comments (35)

Marianne Jennings
06/09/13 at 10:15am

please bring back Merlin that's the best show my husband and i ever's a shame that they are taking the good show off and they are bringing no good show's,please bring it back i know everybody that watch it would love to see it come back,we miss our show
06/01/13 at 11:48am

Please do not cancel Merlin. I love this show. Can't believe it ended the way it did. I want Arthur to live. I have watched Merlin from the very beginning and to have it end this way stinks. Arthur and his Queen need to have a family and Merlin must go on protecting them. Please don't cancel the show.
05/05/13 at 02:54pm

Merlin is back on Friday nights here. I have DIRECTV. this is as of May 3, 2013
04/30/13 at 04:55pm

I am just wondering if viewers opinions even matter. This show was awesome. I faithfully watched and hated when it go to the last 5 min. of show because I knew I had another week to wait to see it again. I loved this show. I felt the ending sucked, I expected more of a battle with Merlin and Morgana. Granted I was not sad to see Morgana go. Don't end this show please bring it back showing more fantasy and magic as it is often nice to escape and dream sometimes. Please don't let it end there.
04/21/13 at 09:37am

Will syfy show only reruns? I have already seen them once and want new episodes. Thanks
04/21/13 at 09:35am

I love this show so very much. I am so completely baffled as to how many people like myself love a show but the show gets canceled because no one watches it! Someone needs to stop canceling the shows that make us look forward to seeing it each and every week.
Linda Valentine
04/09/13 at 05:09pm

will be on SYFY may 3rd 2013 =]
carl hamilton
04/08/13 at 08:14pm

Merlin was one of my all time favorite shows. I cannot believe that it has been cancelled. I was a faithful viewer. I always looked forward to watching this show. I guess like many others I will have to fins another channel on tv to watch. Until you bring merlin back I will not be watching anything,, Merlin was one of the greatest shows to me it ranks with the Walking dead on Amc.
03/29/13 at 03:23pm

miss the show Merlin, needs some new story lines but you could have at least finished the one that was going on. Like the Actors that play the characters very much.
03/15/13 at 07:24pm

I miss my show Merlin,please bring back.

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