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A reality series following day-to-day business at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

At Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, NV, the cameras are rolling as Pawn Stars chronicles the daily activities that go on at the 24-hour family business.

The show captures interactions such as haggling over prices and discussing the historical background of the items that come through the doors, as well as conflicts that occur between employees at the shop.

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06/24/17 at 08:02am

have been watching this show since the last couple of months. seeing reruns on Netflix. it's interesting but after watching so many,it seems to always have similar dialog and outcome. I've gotten to know which "experts" will undervalue an item and who will be higher. the old man is the funniest and reminds me of my dad a bit. he comes up with sensible quips. have to feel sorry for the other fat ones, unless they lose serious weight they are heading for earlier graves via strokes or heart attacks.
03/11/17 at 05:52pm

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01/12/17 at 03:23pm

Chumlee is funny, he makes me feel sad for him sometimes, and I hate that he has a bad rep now bc of getting arrested. But, I know the Corey, the grandson, was using drugs. Just watch through the episodes and look at him. I can't stand Rick! He's a jerk, a asshole, a rude one. I agree with the comment above, who the hell would trust, the pawn owner's people to give a price!? Um.. No. I'd have it a history buff or whomever come in that I found. I think those peace their sponsors or something, that's why they get so much footage of em. I know the motorcycle guy gets over on em lol that's what they get. My dad gets along with everyone, he's do cool and likeable instantly and he went and met the cast. He said they were so rude like they were too good to speak to "regular" people. Smh he said Rick was thee worst! I believe it just watch him. I love the old man and Chumlee. (sorry so long lol)
04/23/16 at 02:22pm

Chumlee the pervert. When chumlee,s arrest record comes out the show will end very fast. very scripted and very boring show.
08/21/15 at 05:29pm

This show is an infomercial. Have you noticed how often the pawn shop staff interacts with cast members from other reality shows? Pawn shops are at best iffy - and usually hell bent on screwing both the person who sells/pawns and the person who buys... you cannot make good likable people out of con-men.
the doctor
07/11/15 at 04:50am

seems to be off air at present. There have been allegations about stolen goods. I know i wold not deal with them. This patter about having a know it all friend who could tell them how much queen victoria's knickers are worth.
Would you take that as a true valuation. Not me.
john nolan
07/06/15 at 12:36pm

I hope this show ends soon. If it weren't for Chumlee I wouldn't watch it. Rick is a loudmouth know it all. It's easy to see why he is in his third marriage.
john nolan
07/06/15 at 12:33pm

I hope this show ends soon. Sick of hearing Rick giving everyone a hard time. It's easy to see why he is in his 3rd marriage.
10/16/14 at 06:16pm

Kaitlin Ann-Marie
10/16/14 at 06:15pm

This show is very amusing and it helps children and even adults learn about history and what it held. If this show as canceled, then I would call the history channel and see I could donate money to bring it back. Not only do I benefit from watching this show, but my kids do too.

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