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A reality series following day-to-day business at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

At Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, NV, the cameras are rolling as Pawn Stars chronicles the daily activities that go on at the 24-hour family business.

The show captures interactions such as haggling over prices and discussing the historical background of the items that come through the doors, as well as conflicts that occur between employees at the shop.

Comments (15)

06/01/14 at 11:16am

What ever happened to Cajun Pawn stars?
05/30/14 at 01:34pm

Cary and Bill reflect the opinions of many watchers who like/liked the show. It's gone downhill due w too much scripting and attempts to get cheeky (lousey) like so many of the so called "reality shows". Don't let it be said that 2013 was the "last" good year. PLZ !
05/15/14 at 01:39am

I really love this show. I haven't heard a lot of Profanity. I do however think sometimes they need to fire Chumlee. He is an employee and should show the respect of his employers. I also like Beverly Hills Pawn.
05/09/14 at 08:23pm

This show had become so boring!
It is the exact thing each week.
Rick fighting with the old man, the old man fighting with Rick, Corey fighting with Rick & the old man,
Chum fighting with the old man, Rick & Corey.
We are all sick of the old man's profanity. He is a sick old fellow!
They are all so uneducated and use terrible language
Please let them close this show soon!
12/30/13 at 06:32pm

Ain't it time to take this show off. They stink

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