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Shark - Robert HerjavecShark - Kevin O'LearyShark - Daymond JohnShark - Mark CubanShark - Barbara Corcoran

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A reality show where entrepreneurs take their ideas to wealthy businesspeople in hopes of an investment.

Adapted from Dragon's Den, which originated in Japan, the series features a panel of successful tycoons - known as the Sharks - who are approached by budding entrepreneurs looking for investors to expand their company or grow their product line.

The Sharks must decide if they are willing to offer up their own personal capital in exchange for a percentage of the contestant's company. During negotiations, the sharks are free to partner up or bid against each other if they so desire. If all the sharks decline, the contestant walks away with nothing.

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helen kennedy
06/23/12 at 05:33am

we always liked dragons den and shark tank but can't find it now. where and when is it on?
george libija
04/24/12 at 12:26pm

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I started, bootstrapped and sold several companies over the years. I made money on some and I lost money on some. Last year I started One Year Auction website. I never looked for angel investors or VCs but I want to give it a try now. I applied to be on ABC’s Shark Tank TV show. You can vote for my One Year Auction startup on and hopefully I will make it into Shark Tank season 4. Wish me luck!
03/19/12 at 02:15pm

Why is Canada's Dragons Den not listed on your site?
10/20/11 at 00:19am

ABC has not set a premiere date yet for Season 3.
Richard York
10/19/11 at 08:07pm

What date & time does Shark Tank start?

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