Warehouse 13

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Jul 07, 2009 - May 19, 2014




Drama / Sci-fi




Peter - Eddie McClintockMyka - Joanne KellyArtie - Saul RubinekLeena - Genelle WilliamsDaniel - Simon ReynoldsClaudia - Allison Scagliotti

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A sci-fi dramedy following Secret Service agents working at a secret warehouse containing supernatural objects.

Peter and Myka are US Secret Service agents working at Warehouse 13, a top-secret government facility that houses empowered and potentially dangerous objects.

Together, their job is to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.

Comments (44)

12/07/14 at 07:38pm

It's good to see others with the same sentiments as myself. And now, "The Librarians" is on TNT. SyFy, what's up? They are copying our show!
07/22/14 at 11:01pm

PLEASE Syfy, bring this show back! Would have loved to have seen Pete and Myka take their relationship to another level.
07/16/14 at 00:26am

No! I really really like this show! Why must they kill off the best ones... So glad that it got 5 seaons, but the 5th was so short.. :(
07/07/14 at 02:30am

You cancel all the good shows and keep all the crap shows. I hate the fake reality shows. Why don't you cancel them and keep good entertainment? Is it too hard a job for you? Is it that the writers lose interest in the shows? This is bad form. True entertainment loses out to fake reality shows that have no story line. You people need to get a clue.
06/28/14 at 11:56am

Just watched the last six shows as a marathon...I feel as if something inside has died. Syfy may have made a good corporate decision but those of us who love family sci-fi will be jaded and saddened for a long time. None of the remaining Syfy shows interest me.
Suzanne B
05/30/14 at 09:20am

Bring back warehouse 13!!.
05/26/14 at 08:54pm

This was a show that my family would come together and watch. The only thing I could get everyone interested in and bring the family together. I hope you continue the show or maybe let us know where the new warehouse would be moved to. I am just wonder if the end of warehouse 13 means your starting a warehouse 14.
05/20/14 at 10:51pm

Daniel Hardigree
05/17/14 at 07:14am

Super sad. I went through Cancer treatments and I am healed totally. During that time I hung in there with Stargate Universe which got cancelled leaving Eli drifting in space with no closure! Now you take away another great show that my family and I instantly came to like. This helped bring us together tighter as a family that watched TV together and talked about, knitting the family closer. Don't get me wrong,I thank God for Syfy, we just can't help but just think that somebody at SyFy is not doing them a favor by NOT being in touch with family people. Defiance?! No thank you! Warehouse 13 YES!!!
l hocking
05/12/14 at 06:45pm

I'm wish this show and the other sy fi shows wouldn,t keep being canceled. I hate so called reality shows! I always find these show too late. Arn't there any other stations willing to pick these shows up?

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