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Jan 18, 2010 - Present






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A reality series following two antique buyers looking for finds across the country.

Cameras follow collectible and antique pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they search across the country for desirable items for clients, for resale, or for their personal collections.

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10/12/22 at 04:47pm

Even though 75% of the show is fake and items are staged for entertainment purposes, it's still better than most of the new programs they're churning out on the tv schedule every year!!!
Colin williams
06/13/20 at 07:11pm

Should never stop picking greatest show on tv i watch all the time cant get enough us people in wales gb please keep going what do tv producer know about tv the load of rubbish they put out is a credit to them more pickers not rubbih get rid of tv owners god bless americanpickers..bye
Robert Waltzer
06/01/20 at 07:03pm

I am a 100% disabled vet & have enjoyed their show for many years having known some of the places that they picked There show is interesting , knowledgeable & very informative and HOPE they will be back on tv VERY SOON. Bob Waltzer
Elizabeth A Phillips
05/31/20 at 05:24am

American Pickers suddenly does not seem to be on the history channel in my Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Do you know what happened?
Steven Royston
02/11/20 at 01:10pm

I've watched the show for a number of years,but the new series that's on History ATM is spoilt by Mike constantly talking over people.He really likes the sound of his own voice!
Larry Carlson
02/03/20 at 09:51pm

My sister in VA has a large barn and house full of picks and antiques of a vast variety of things. She’s had these for 30-50 years and would be interested in selling. Contact me if interested as she is a real hermit.
Don Masson
12/05/19 at 07:33pm

To cancel a great show because of a hat is crazy. It is a good and very educational show. I am not a MAGA fan,but the person that wore that hat has a right to there opinion.That is what Americas all about..History channel should be ashamed.
Ada O'Loughlin
11/09/19 at 07:16pm

I reside on the other side of world to USA, in a beautiful country called New Zealand. I am so sad to hear about the cancellation of American Pickers tv programme with Mike and Frank. I rate this most interesting viewing as one of the best,enjoy it immensely, and if I wasn't 75 years old,would love to go on the road picking. Please do reconsider the decision to cancel and make many many people happy. Thanks Ada
Jerre E Jensen
10/23/19 at 04:07am

I have a lot of antiques that I would like to have purchased. I have many antique tools, a 1972 Cutless, antique horse/mule plow plus a various antique furniture. I would be deeply saddened if this show is cancelled. History Channel, this is a important show which reminds the watchers of the history of our work life with a variety of products.
James Lester jr
10/18/19 at 08:34pm

I hate this show please cancel it I'm begging you . It's like a modern day Sanford and Son with tv coverage . What a garbage show that forces me to change history channel for hours at a time . Atleast don't run marathon's of it for hours at a time . It's garbage just like pawn stars

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