$#*! My Dad Says

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Sep 23, 2010 - Feb 17, 2011








Ed - William ShatnerHenry - Jonathan SadowskiVince - Will SassoBonnie - Nicole SullivanTim - Tim Bagley

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A sitcom based on the Twitter feed "S*** My Dad Says", which was created by Justin Halpern and is filled with quotes said by his father.

Ed is an opinionated and divorced 72-year-old man. His two sons - Henry and Vince - are both adults and over the years have become very accustomed to his unsolicited rants, which are often politically incorrect.

When Henry, a struggling writer who also blogs, can't afford to pay his rent any longer, he's forced to move back in with his dad, which creates more issues in their already tricky father-son relationship.

During one of Henry's job interviews, Ed interrupts with one of his usual irrational phone calls. This catches the ear of the interviewer, who ends up hiring Henry, but also forces him to remain living with his dad so he can keep writing about his rantings.

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09/16/11 at 07:49pm

My family was very excited that the new season was starting and very dissappointed when we learned that this show was canceled. Please bring it back. It's nice that we can sit down and enjoy a sitcom instead of stupid reality shows.
09/07/11 at 11:01pm

We loved this show CBS!! Bring it back, or let another network have it! My and my wife freakin loved this show, and watched it religiously and I know many that did too!

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