Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

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Jul 15, 2010 - Jun 26, 2012








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A reality series following a team of paranormal investigators.

In Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, a team of investigators review evidence, in the form of photographs and Internet videos, searching for paranormal activity.

The team is headed by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who has a life-long fascination with the paranormal. He leads a team of young investigators who help him decide whether what they're looking at merits deeper investigation.

Together they conduct elaborate experiments as they attempt to recreate the phenomena. They also talk to witnesses and collect physical samples as they work to uncover the mysteries.

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02/22/22 at 10:03pm

Rocky your moron and Ashley no one cares what you think.
02/22/22 at 09:59pm

Loved this show soo much!! Plz bring back. Yeah the Big Bang Theory show sucks something big. James who are you talking about (alien guy) you mean the older guy who wears the leather jacket or mr. Alien hair guy who has his UFO show lol?
02/13/22 at 01:05pm

The one show that was interesting was the one they were investigating area 51 where the lights came on and a streak of light looked like it came in for a landing. I wished they investigated a little more about that incident.
02/17/19 at 08:43am

It's cancelled because they got sewed buy the alien guy for saying he lied about the whole thing and even went as far as to say that he didn't even have a dog (witch he did) they went super person because they thought he was lieing but clearly if he sewed them and one the story was true ....... Watch the episode it was definitely on called for .... And cost them a great show
Lois Price
09/29/18 at 11:28am

Please bring back fact or faked. Love this showso do lots of family and friends.
John Moss
09/28/18 at 05:51pm

Please bring back Fact or Faked that program was very very interesting very entertaining don't understand why it was cancelled why the program was very watched by many please bring back Fact or Faked sir or ma'am. Thank you very much please consider this request
08/14/18 at 06:49pm

Iam very displeased with you taking every great show off the air like the following ghost hunters / ghost hunters international /paranormal files/area51 hanger one really what's next
08/14/18 at 06:27pm

Why take a great show off the air an leave crappy sitcoms like Big Bang or mike an molly or something of that nature
05/07/18 at 02:23pm

I Found this show very interesting bring it back or I'll pick some ass
Craig Ritsema
02/15/18 at 07:36am

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Fact or Faked Paranormal Files. You can still do it, this was a awesome show. Come on, you can do it your just not trying hard enough.

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