Hoarding: Buried Alive

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Mar 14, 2010 - Dec 04, 2013








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A reality series following obsessive hoarders and helping them manage their illness.

Hoarding: Buried Alive takes viewers inside the homes of some of the most extreme hoarders in order to explore the psychology behind their compulsion.

The series tells the stories of those who suffer with the need to accumulate and store large quantities of mostly nonessential items. Episodes document the effect this has on both them and their loved ones, and closely examines the items that they collect.

Hoarders receive help from expert therapists and organizers who guide them through the process of cleaning up their homes and dealing with their issues.

Comments (2)

02/11/19 at 09:50am

When hoarding IS "A FAMILY ISSUE would you or COULD you forego the "drama of allowing blame" by family members but rather have a licensed FAMILY THERAPIST. Watching a "psychologist" be so sophomoric in allowing family members to attack a very compromised individual is very sad. Producers while they may get their kicks in reality they reflect how desperate& a show is shock. It's obvious you are so ignorant in recognizing that "Family issues/trauma " contribute to the seemingly easy identified "problem. If that weren't enough you allow a "psychologist" rip the client. Sad ignorant desperate producers!!!!
07/13/18 at 07:49am

When will Hoarders return.

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