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Oct 27, 2010 - Jun 26, 2012








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A reality series following a team of appraisers auctioning off rare and valuable film & television memorabilia.

Hollywood Treasure follows Joe Maddalena, who owns 'Profiles in History' and is the world's largest auctioneer of original movie, television and pop culture relics.

Together, he and his team delve into the world of collecting rare Hollywood and pop culture memorabilia. They travel to the most unlikely places of the world in search of the most compelling treasures in order to appraise and help auction them off to the highest bidder.

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11/28/14 at 07:17am

I love this programme! I am a movie fan & I'm find this programme to be the most fascinating & enjoyable to watch. Repeats of this programme have been going on for a while but I would love to see a brand new series!
Please Jo Maddalena make a brand new series!!
niko p
08/06/14 at 03:21pm

I loved the show I just discovered it 6 months ago and actually never heard of it before that so that could be a reason why it wasn't successful nobody knew about it If you think about it..I'm pretty sure it would do really well if you brought it back since the reruns gave people a chance to find it.
06/25/14 at 04:59pm

I loved the show But how could EVERYTHING be "Iconic" and ""The Holy Grail" of movie memorabilia? ;-)
06/12/14 at 03:53pm

I thought Tracey was stunning
02/28/14 at 07:06am

Janice Salisbury- I realize it has been a month since you posted your question. If you have still not figured out how to contact them regarding your items, The Hollywood Treasures show is based on his business which is named Profiles in History. here is their website for contacting them regarding your items.
Janice Salisbury
01/26/14 at 09:31pm

I would like to have Joe Maddalena or someone contact me. I have an item he might be very interested in that I am interested in selling. I could not find a phone number for you. If you have a phone number where I can reach you, I can call you and tell you about this item. Actually I have 2 items.
caryn janson
01/15/14 at 01:46pm

I hope they renew another season of Hollywood Treasure! It was a great show! I've seen old episodes on cozi and reelz! LOVE the show!!
caryn janson
01/15/14 at 01:43pm

I wish hollywood treasure would be back! Great show!! I think the old episodes are still on .
01/09/14 at 02:59am

will hollywood treasure be back on
09/29/13 at 07:56pm

The series can be seen Netflix, if I hear that idiot say ICONIC one more time I'm going to slap someone :) The concept was interesting, but the owner comes off as a uneducated, one trick pony, sales pitch. That's why the show was canceled.

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