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Mar 16, 2010 - Apr 14, 2015








Raylan - Timothy OlyphantArt - Nick SearcyRachel - Erica TazelTim - Jacob PittsAva - Joelle CarterWinona - Natalie ZeaBoyd - Walton Goggins

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A drama following a tough but soft-spoken federal lawman, enforcing his own brand of justice that conflicts with both sides of the law.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a 19th century-style yet modern day cop living in South Florida. He uses his own brand of justice to enforce the law, which in turn puts a target on his back with criminals, and at the same time at odds with his bosses in the U.S. Marshals Service.

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09/02/22 at 03:55pm

A little birdie told me Justified is coming back for a new season. Apparently it's called Justified: City Primeval. This will be interesting
04/16/15 at 03:23am

Excellent ending, like a fading beautiful sunset.
WELL DONE all involved.
04/09/15 at 10:17am

This is the best drama on television. It has top rate actors and a powerful writing team. I hate to see it end. If there is a way to keep it on the air please make it happen.
Dewane Harper
03/20/15 at 08:33am

I feel the same as Donna and all the dedicated viewers of
Justified. please renew your options and keep for a few more years. thanks for the last 6 years. Wayne
Dewane Hanetrper
03/20/15 at 08:24am

I feel
02/03/15 at 09:14pm

I absolutely love this show. Interesting story lines blended with excellent acting. The characters feel real and interesting. Sorry to see it end. I will miss it.
12/28/14 at 09:56am

I had just about given up on television shows and began watching movies only with bit torrents, etc. However, Justified and Sons of Anarchy brought me back around to television and now both of these great shows are gone. I am going back to movies. Justified is the second best show on television next to Suits which will be cancelled next I guess.
Juana Wilbert
10/28/14 at 03:34pm

this is a sad sad day I wish they could bring it back TV I've been waiting for I didn't even know that was a beautiful thing bring an hour to come to us together just on theme song beautiful please let me know what we need to do to bring it back.
Juana Wilbert
10/28/14 at 03:31pm

This is a bad bad thing, a bad bad thing . I am so very disappointed about this show being canceled. How do we get it back on. Please email me and let me know that sad day.I love, love, love, Justified!!!!!! Please bring it back.
The theme song was the flyest song, mixing country and hiphop.. .Beautiful. Bring our cultures together.
08/18/14 at 02:54am

this show started great, now its more talking, drama, unimaginative plots, very flat story lines and less "justified" shootings. In my book it should be "justifiably canceled"... sorry (just my opinion)

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