Memphis Beat

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Jun 22, 2010 - Aug 16, 2011








Dwight - Jason LeeTanya - Alfre WoodardCharlie - Sam HenningsDavey - DJ QuallsPaula - Celia WestonReginald - Leonard Earl HowzeJC - Abraham Benrubi

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A drama following a police detective who calls himself "the keeper of Memphis".

Dwight Hendricks is stand-up detective who loves the simple things in life, such as his mother, the blues, and his city. He has a fierce dedication to his home town but takes an easygoing approach to his job.

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09/30/12 at 03:15am

Disappointing. A great show i really looked forward to watching. Grrrreat cast. Somebody needs to create a network that scoops up these gems and reproduces them on one channel: wouldn't that be nice. This... Is a bummer. For shame! Reality TVs going OUT and the ones who've been cancelling all these stellar shows will be sorry.
08/21/12 at 04:46pm

This show was a winner in my book. The executive that thought it wasn't worth another season should be fired and black listed. I really looked forward to every show. Maybe another network will see the potential in these really good actors and the fine stories.
Jerry J.
07/18/12 at 07:50am

oh really .. this is a really good show. really look forward to watching it. one of my top favorites.. dont cancel.
07/06/12 at 04:51pm

Agree with all the comments posted. Memphis Beat was a great show. Good story line, great actors and left me smiling in the end. This is a sad commentary on what the public wants to watch. Perhaps the ratings were low because of lack of promotion of the show. I really looked forward to watching this show and am disappointed that it has been cancelled.
07/03/12 at 02:19pm

Went online to see why Memphis Beat was not on yet and discovered it was cancelled. Just additional proof that the highly questionable "heads" of the networks don't actully have any sense at all. Some moron is still feeding into the idiotic idea that normal people actually stopped wanting to be entertained by television and instead want to watch "reality"! The ONLY reality on these shows is that there are actully some people out there in the world that are so desperate to feel "important" that they are willing to make total fools of themselves and another fool that is stupid enough to pay money to put it on the air. Shows like Memphis Beat are what really show "reality" but make the point with compassion, humor, and entertainment all rolled up into a one hour show. No wonder they were cancelled!!
Dayla Harris
06/25/12 at 07:14am

Memphis Beat is a great show and cast! Too bad the good shows get cancelled. I hope one of the networks will bring this back. I miss it.
06/17/12 at 07:20pm

Come on now enough is enough everytime
I get into a Good series some jack ass at the network. Decides they've found something better dump these garbage reality shows & put quality before profit reward your Loyal viewers with good acting over scripted Crap!!!
06/03/12 at 07:32pm

Oh....come on. Why is all the good shows get cancelled, but "$#!7" like housewives goes on forever.

It's a shame, was a pretty cool show.
Jim Boyd
05/26/12 at 02:59pm

Excellent show. Needs to be picked up by sme network.
05/20/12 at 06:07am

One of our favorites! Soon we'll have nothing to watch at all!

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