No Ordinary Family

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Sep 28, 2010 - Apr 05, 2011




Drama / Action




Jim - Michael ChiklisStephanie - Julie BenzDaphne - Kay PanabakerJJ - Jimmy BennettMitch - Tate DonovanGeorge - Romany MalcoKatie - Autumn ReeserYvonne - Christina ChangDayton - Stephen Collins[16]Watcher - Josh Stewart

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A superhero drama following the lives of a family that survives a plane crash only to find themselves with strange powers.

When the Powell family is in a plane crash that nearly kills them, they find themselves with strange powers. Jim, a police artist, now has super strength and is nearly invulnerable. His wife Stephanie, a scientist, discovers she has super speed. Their two kids end up with powers of their own as well.

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dream day
08/18/13 at 05:10am

I love this show of patient love mystery and family connection and since you have stopped making this show I have nearly died from heart break when you took it away
04/02/13 at 07:59pm

I loved this show!!! A nice mix of sci-fi, adventure, comedy (Romany Malco was hilarious!), family... I liked that the daughter wasn't stick-thin. And the show never snuck in political or social messages. I hate it when writers do that... like finding a bone in my fish. blech. Sad this one's gone.
01/22/13 at 08:11am

Hey come on this show was great and full of always made me smile.What reason do you have for this injustice?
11/17/12 at 10:51am

Why do they cancel good shows like this but keep all the reality crap shows?
11/14/12 at 12:40pm

hey counldn you guy put it back on t.v with season 2 but just make it more cooler that will start like in it because i used to love watching that show every week it was the best show i ever watch so i really hope you guys will think about this and i really hope you will put no ordinary family back on t.v because don't you guys put these shows on to make people happy and no ordinary family did make me and family and so many other people happy that show maked so many people you 14 good reviwes that you should put it back t.v not just for me but for evey one esle who loved the show it was best show ever on t.v
10/04/12 at 08:27pm

Bring this back too!!
07/18/12 at 06:52am

A real shame. This was funny, great characters and it was working. Why are you network people removing good family shows that are working and replacing them with crap?
05/14/12 at 09:21pm

ABC what are you drinking? You can this show and keep junk.
04/28/12 at 09:40pm

This sucks.....the show was refreshing,funny and different. I liked it! Lot of places they could have takin this besides the dumpster.
04/18/12 at 01:37pm

I def hate that they cancelled this show... it sucked how the season finale was a cliff hanger too

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