Raising Hope

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Sep 21, 2010 - Apr 04, 2014








Jimmy - Lucas NeffVirginia - Martha PlimptonBurt - Garret DillahuntMike - Skyler StoneSabrina - Shannon Woodward

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A sitcom following a single man raising his infant daughter.

Jimmy is a 23-year-old guy who had a one-night stand with the wrong woman. After his daughter is born, Jimmy finds out his baby's mother has killed multiple boyfriends and has been given the death sentence. Now he must raise his little girl, Hope, on his own with the help of his flawed family.

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02/28/16 at 04:03pm

old news I know but I MISS THIS SHOW it was so funny! Other than Modern Family we've lost all the great comedies series!! At elast it on re-runs hopefully I can catch the whole last season as I missed it being the hospital and didn't get DVR'd
12/22/14 at 08:25pm

NNNOOOOO!! Freakin unbelievable that this show was cancelled! How VERY upsetting! I am 'disabled' which brings depression along for the ride as well. So I find tv shows that are funny to keep laughter in the front seat and depression in the back seat. I thought Each character was brilliantly chosen for their parts and really hit the mark for a great, absolutely funny sitcom. This truly makes me sad and I hope someone has sense enough to bring this show back. I wish that I could say to each of the actors what joy, amusement, and especially laughter they brought into my life every week. I would say to each of them "Thank You All for a job well done and I'm very sorry that you won't be with me every week! You all will be sorely missed."
11/06/14 at 06:50pm

I loved this show. I just wish they would have won the lottery or burt would have invented something that made them millionaires or something, then flash forward to Hope, all grown up in a mansion. WHY NOT? the show was cancelled, it should have gone out with a bang.
10/17/14 at 03:59am

The show kinda lost some of itself when Jimmy moved out of his parents house I think but it was still a great show, wished another network would pick it up.
05/18/14 at 04:55pm

This show was entertaining. It will be missed, but it is time to go.
04/13/14 at 10:04pm

For the first time ever, I just about died laughing with this show! Why does TV have to be so darn serious!! Lighten up people and laugh! I don't think there is a show on now that is so funny. I will miss it greatly. So sad:(
Kristin R.
04/08/14 at 09:57am

I love the humor of this show. We followed it, even to Friday nights.(why move it, FOX?! Put it on the air, and any night but Friday, where it belongs.
04/07/14 at 09:24am

Well at least we got a proper finale this time.
04/04/14 at 00:09am

DRAT ! Great show. Thanks to Greg Garcia and all the Writers, Actors, etc.
Anyone who can give me a good story and some good laughs has my gratitude. I need a laugh now days.
03/27/14 at 00:00am

so sad to hear this is being cancelled. My husband and I really enjoyed watching this show. The little girl who plays Hope was so cute.

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