The Defenders

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Sep 22, 2010 - Mar 11, 2011




Drama / Legal




Pete - Jerry O'ConnellNick - Jim BelushiLisa - Jurnee SmollettJessica - Gillian VigmanSophie - Tanya Fischer

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A legal drama following two Las Vegas defense attorneys.

Nick and Pete are two colorful Las Vegas lawyers who happen to be the local go-to attorneys in Sin City.

No matter what is thrown at them, Nick and Pete are out to prove that when the stakes are at their highest, they're always willing to bet the house on their clients.

Comments (17)

11/07/13 at 00:56am

Once again a good show is cancelled and then replaced by a crappy show called Franklin & Bash
04/02/13 at 01:32pm

My husband, and I both were looking forward to another season, you have the wrong people making decisions.
11/23/12 at 08:14am

another great show bits the dust.. what a shame
11/16/12 at 09:49pm

This was a great show. All but one episode was good. The last episode would've been better without Frank Jr.
10/21/12 at 02:13pm

This was a good series. Loved the stars and the story lines.
07/08/12 at 03:37pm

I remember telling my wife when Franklin and Bash came out that it was tnt trying to copy cbs. Boy was I wrong. Maybe the problem is that CBS doen not know how to place its programming. I like Franklin and Bash, but there is know way you can tell me if you put The Defenders in the right time slot it will not get good ratings. What a joke. Maybe it is all about their advertizing. Maybe they should take some tips from TNT
05/14/12 at 05:07pm

This was one of the good ones I can not believe that it is cancelled. My whole Family loved this one. We are very disappointed.
04/17/12 at 05:09pm

Another good show bites the dust!!! I've known for a long time that the Defenders was cancelled, but I only came across this forum recently. Jim Belushi was perfect as this character and the writers were so witty... Extremely entertaining fun!!!
04/14/12 at 04:32am

Sorry to see this show go. It was very clever and entertaining.
04/08/12 at 06:15am

I used to need a DVR and 3 DVD recorders to keep up with my favorite shows. Now I get by with 1 DVR. I don't know who the networks are looking to for opinions, but they need a new group! On the plus side, I have so much more free time! HA!

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