The Ricky Gervais Show

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Feb 19, 2010 - Jul 13, 2012






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An animated series based off the popular British podcasts of the same name.

Voiced by Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington, the series includes storylines based on thoughts about inventions of the 20th century, what art really is, suggestions for population control, and how philosophy has evolved over time.

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05/27/18 at 01:20pm

Brilliant show! Bring it back.
09/17/12 at 09:53am

I have watched 2 seasons of this show, both Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais laugh at everything Karl says, even if it isn't that funny... Stephen is somewhat worse as he seems to follow Ricky... he's like the school bully's crony... he can't seem to find anything funny in what Karl says unless Ricky mentions it... he is obviously part of Ricky's entourage and has no real talent...
08/05/12 at 06:36pm

What's funny is half the time HE's the idiot not the little bald headed buffoon. Annoying laugh, completely unfunny, insulting. Bring back Karl, leave the rest
07/21/12 at 04:36pm

Ugh this show better cancel soon, Ricky Gervais isn't funny at all, just annoying. Who even watches this?

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