American Guns

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Oct 10, 2011 - Dec 17, 2012






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A reality series following a family-run gun store.

In American Guns, cameras follow the Wyatt Family, who operate Gunsmoke Guns in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Founder/Owner Rich Wyatt, along with his wife and stepchildren, specializes in gun manufacture, trade, customization, and instruction.

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06/14/13 at 12:08pm

sry stuff is miss spelled im on mobile its SHOULD NOT HAPPEN is what i ment
06/14/13 at 12:05pm

im ment the shootings shoyldnt happen but they r anyway my bad i forgot a word its stupid whty ppl do that stiuff
06/14/13 at 12:03pm

its bs it was a good show true the shootings should happen but ppl r stll gonna get guns u shouldnt tame thr show away ppl on there were usin the gun for animals & hunting & fun it was my fav show and they never did anything big i like sons of guns 2 and they have cannon and stuff snd thete still on tv americans guns was !!!!!!!not!!!!!! promoting anything bad im out
05/16/13 at 10:49am

This was a good show...pure just Political Correctness cancelled this one...I'm sure the other Gun Shows will be cancelled as well.
Looks like the "Anti's" got their way!
The Great and Powerful Oz
03/14/13 at 10:19pm

This show was actually a good show and it did not promote illicit gun sales. It promoted people who collect and shoot guns for fun and a hobby.
The people who bought guns on this show were not part of radical militias or bad people. They were ex soldiers and gun enthusiast who liked to collect and shoot guns for fun.
Used for target practice and what not there is no reason law abiding citizens should be vilified. The reality is that most guns purchased from gun shops like this are not used to hurt innocent people but for fun shooting non living targets. Most of the hunters who like to hunt are not hunting living animals with most of the weapons seen on this show. There is a sort of anti gun hysteria that goes too far.
I am a progressive democrat and in no way am I some gun nut. In fact I do not even own one gun. However the vilifying of the people who happen to like guns that some people do is baseless.
Let the laws dictate what they will but there is no reason to cancel this show to make a point.
It is a shame that this show was canceled because of the gun control issue.
Many of you will promote all other kinds of immoral nonsense but you get a show that truly is real to be canceled just to make a point. A baseless one.
These people who buy these guns are many times more respectful and honorable than many who vilify them.

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