Breakout Kings

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Mar 06, 2011 - Apr 29, 2012




Drama / Action




Charlie - Laz AlonsoJulianne - Brooke NevinRay - Domenick LombardozziShea - Malcolm GoodwinErica - Serinda SwanLloyd - Jimmi Simpson

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An action drama following an experimental task force aiding in catching escaped cons.

In Breakout Kings, a squad of US Marshals try to catch escaped convicts by seeking help from prisoners who have broken out in the past.

If the current prisoners agree to help, their sentences will be reduced as part of the deal. They will also be transferred to a minimum-security prison. Conversely, if any of them try to escape, they will all be returned to prison under the same conditions but with double their original sentence.

Comments (111)

Debbie Wamsley
07/12/13 at 03:00pm

This was a really good show and I hate that it was cancelled. Get rid of these stupid reality TV shows instead!
Kyle Bowman
07/08/13 at 02:09am

Bring back Breakout Kings
06/13/13 at 08:39pm

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I was All Set For The Next Season & Now I Find Out There Will NOT Be Any More Seasons....I'm SUPER Tired of These BS "Scripted" Reality Shows! This Show Was Good if You Ask Me....The Least They Could Have Done Was To Allow The Show To Conclude Before The Cancelled It....How Can We Stop A Show From Getting Cancelled....TV is Going Straight To Hell In A Handbasket! Pretty Soon There Won't Be Anything To Watch!?!?
06/02/13 at 12:56pm

Really great show. Why was it canceled??
05/21/13 at 05:43am

Please bring this show back--Love it,Love it.
05/09/13 at 08:16pm

I loved this show. Cant believed i was teased with a cliffhanger and sadly told the show was cancelled.
04/27/13 at 11:30am

this was a great show one of the few actually worth sitting down for...figures.
04/23/13 at 02:11am

Really pissed that this show got canceled I have followed this show since it first debuted I think its retarded to leave the show at a cliff hanger that is a perfect setup for season three
mark /sarah
04/17/13 at 01:42pm

we thinkthe show was great and much better than most the crap on tv rite now they should bring it back and serinda swan is soooooo hot

04/14/13 at 09:17am

**** my life **** thanks A&E for ******* with people's lives

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