Chef Roble & Co.

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Dec 04, 2011 - Jul 24, 2013




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A reality series following chef Roblé Ali's high-end catering company.

Roblé Ali is an up-and-coming celebrity chef who has cooked for some of the biggest rock stars and actors. This series follows the chef as he focuses his culinary skills on starting up his own catering company.

Cameras follow Chef Roblé as he deals with the pressure and strain that comes along with going into business with his sister in New York City.

Comments (11)

08/06/20 at 06:20pm

Bring the Master Chef back!
Mildred Myles
08/07/19 at 12:09pm

Wanted to know when was chef Roblé going to be back on tv again love the show
Camille Malave’
04/22/19 at 09:24pm

Bravo what were you thinking canceling Chef Roble’?????? The show was WONDERFUL!!!!!! It was young , fresh, diverse, intriguing, funny, entertaining, and innovative!!!!!!!! The flavor of “ Classy Reality” that showed more reality than acting!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY Bravo what were you thinking??????? Andy Cohen “Let’s Not Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water”!!!!!! REVAMP! REBOOT! And By All Means Necessary Please Bring Chef Roble” Back!!!!! Thank You Very Kindly!!!!! “ HELLO”!!!
Darrell Wilson
01/14/19 at 03:21am

Bravo NEEDS to Bring back Chef Roble & Co. I Loved That Show.
11/10/17 at 02:03pm

I really miss Chef Roble. I thought the show added diversity to the network. It was nice seeing something different......
06/29/17 at 07:05pm

It would not very refreshing to have a chef show on television again, featuring a black chef, such as Chef Roble. We do have talented black professional chef's and non-professionals who can cook. Networks let America see there is diversity. I miss watching Chef Roble's talent (not the cussing or tyrants) presented on television and culinary skills that are out the box creatively. Someone, please bring him back: OWN, BET, ASPIRE. Thank you. Blessings
06/21/17 at 12:21pm

Hi! I really miss Chef Roble Ali's show . Will there be a new season coming ? Please do
hungry hippooo
05/23/14 at 01:29am

will cone back for season3
10/15/12 at 11:01pm

Chef Roble is NOT cancelled, they are currently filming season 2.
10/11/12 at 07:23am

Why did bravo cancelled chef roble show

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