Combat Hospital

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Jun 21, 2011 - Sep 06, 2011




Drama / Medical




Xavier - Elias KoteasRebecca - Michelle BorthSimon - Luke MablyBobby - Terry ChenGrace - Deborah Kara UngerWill - Arnold Pinnock

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A medical drama set at a war-zone military hospital in Afghanistan.

Combat Hospital follows a team of doctors and nurses from allied countries stationed at a military hospital in one of the most dangerous places on earth: Kandahar, Afghanistan.

These medical professionals live life on the edge every day, meaning doing things they once never thought possible to save the lives and limbs of those in need.

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michaele ann
08/07/12 at 10:56pm

I am so sick of them cancelling good shows and keeping all the crap
07/13/12 at 05:06am

And they are going to keep "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on TV ??? WTF
07/11/12 at 11:31am

The people this most appealed to probably couldn't stand to watch it because all they got right about the military was the uniforms and set dressings. Once people harassed the COL about putting the potential traitor in lockdown, I was done with this travesty. A real COL (GEN?) would have been handing out reprimands and reducing rank for the insubordination. He probably should have sent that kid to prison until it blew over, all he did was confine him to a room
07/07/12 at 11:19am

How disappointing. Most of the shows on TV are garbage so for the most part we watch Netflix. They have a great selection of British reruns.
07/06/12 at 10:02pm

god damnit i love this show, just came by from travelling in asia and caught up on all the episodes. Then I finished the season 1 finale only to find out it was cancelled, CMON CANADA!
06/22/12 at 08:56pm

Why do you cancel the programs that make sense and have good acting and interesting story lines that are pertinent to the world we live in today. Reality shows suck! And the only reason we watch them at all is because there is nothing else on...and now I am turning them off and watching reruns or playing games on the computer....We loved this show and others like it...
06/19/12 at 08:14pm

i agree with all of you! the stupid immature reality shows are taking over tv and brainwashing everyone. combat hospital was by far my favorite show. i looked forward to it and rookie blue. now you go and cancel it? why can you people not keep the good shows that not only I but also every person posting about it loved and we all know that it had good reviews and enough viewers to keep. this is ridiculous!!!!
06/14/12 at 08:14pm

I am so upset that this show is cancelled. My mother and I watched every episode, and I was looking forward to another season. This was a great show. I'm so disappointed :( I enjoyed the actors as well as the story line. More shows need to be like this one. They should instead cancel all of these reality shows, that make the children want to act with no self control. Combat hospital should be put back on!
05/31/12 at 05:21pm

I just found out that Combat Hospital has been cancelled. What will it take for producers to keep good television on. The reality shows on television are just a bunch of garbage. It's ridiculous. Come on producers, put on what real people want to watch.
05/16/12 at 03:21pm

Another show that could be watched by all and it help all our interests.NO now you will fill the slot with some mindless REALITY scripted show. BECAUSE its cheaper to produce. Maybe get another match show and have roses all over the place and women sobbing for a man that was in the Hot Tub with another woman the night before.WOW intelligent show here BUT IT WILL LAST

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