Extreme Couponing

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Apr 06, 2011 - Dec 04, 2012








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A reality series following people who make extensive use of coupons to save money while shopping.

In Extreme Couponing, cameras follow particularly resourceful people who make use of coupons to buy large amounts of goods for very little money.

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diana sturgeon
03/16/18 at 07:14am

love your show are there goning to be any new ones coming, tv is so borrning when extreme couping is not on . think you need a chanell all of your owen so we can watch it anytime we want and hope to see some new ones soon ty
08/31/16 at 09:19am

Each city/state has different coupon policy and procedures, maybe you didn't know what you were doing, it doesn't hurt to ask for help. It does when stupid is your friend that is giving you advice. Ask questions, take a class.
04/04/15 at 03:29pm

I guess for those of us that are dumb enough to watch this fake show! TLC will try to keep Extreme Couponing on for as long as they are allowed?
07/16/12 at 00:56am

I hate this show. It's so fake. It's even been found out that it's all set up. I wonder how much these "couponers" are getting paid to be on the show.
Nikoli Grimm
06/10/12 at 08:42pm

How the F*** is this a TV show?

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