Harry's Law

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Jan 17, 2011 - May 27, 2012




Drama / Legal




Harriet - Kathy BatesAdam - Nate CorddryMalcolm - Aml AmeenJenna - Brittany Snow

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A legal drama focused on a unique law practice in a rundown shoe store.

Harriet Korn is a recently fired patent lawyer who, together with a group of associates, starts up a new law practice that is based out of a rundown shoe store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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David Baker
02/06/13 at 12:37pm

As I predicted, many of the Fall Lineup Debut shows were cancelled, including "Revolution". The first commercial for that show convinced me to skip it. I just cannot stand bossy women, as they are depicted in the media these days. Can't they do ANYTHING WRONG when they're in Hollywood? (They sure screw up when they're NOT in Hollywood...) These characters are so formulaic and poorly acted, it is discouraging that television can't present believable plots/characters/cast members that entertain, and don't condescend or preach.
01/31/13 at 09:55am

I didn't know that Kathy Bates had breast cancer! HARRY'S LAW was one of the very best shows on TV and it makes me even sadder to know now why it was cancelled. My heart goes out to Kathy and I pray she does AMAZINGLY well after her surgery! She's a very classy lady and a strong one too so I'm sure she will kick some serious butt when it comes to her cancer! Thanks for being a great actress!
01/01/13 at 03:12pm

Either the USA or TNT Network should continue this smart, savvy show. Obviously NBC doesn't know a good show when it has one!
joanne sanclemente
12/30/12 at 03:32pm

hope kathy bates will get better will miss the show she and all the characters were great
12/13/12 at 05:07pm

To fans of Harry's Law, Kathy Bates had breast cancer and a double mastsectomy and this was the reason the show was cancelled. God bless her and may she have a speedy recovery.
12/13/12 at 04:28pm

@stop the madness you were on here so why are you being so rude to the rest of us on here and if you really wanted us to know the real reason it was cancelled you could have been nice enough to tell us instead of putting us down for the same thing you just did????
11/19/12 at 05:00am

The reason this show was cancelled is breast cancer not the execs people. Do some reading on some real news sites.
11/11/12 at 10:25pm

Thought it was great when it wasn't preaching.
11/03/12 at 12:56pm

This was a great show until they moved her out of the shoe store. Even then it was very good. We will miss ths show. I like CBS more and more. NBC cancels all of their good shows.
10/27/12 at 09:55pm

I will really miss Harry's Law. I dont know what they are thinking, most show on tv are reality crap.

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