Hart of Dixie

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Sep 26, 2011 - Mar 27, 2015


The CW






Zoe - Rachel BilsonGeorge - Scott PorterLemon - Jaime KingLavon - Cress WilliamsRose - McKaley MillerWade - Wilson Bethel

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A drama following a big city woman who ends up practicing medicine in a small Southern town.

Zoe Hart is a promising new doctor from New York who has just graduated at the top of her class with plans to follow in her dad's footsteps as a cardio-thoracic surgeon.

When her dream doesn't turn out as planned, Zoe ends up accepting an offer to work at a small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. However when Zoe arrives there, she finds that the doctor who offered her the job has passed away and left her his half of the medical practice.

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10/14/15 at 09:37am

Loved this show. Sad to see it go. :/
08/18/15 at 04:13pm

Well, what can I say that people haven't said already. Loved the show for the first 2 seasons, then I lost interest, then went back season 3 and still could not get back into it. so goodbye Dixie land!!
Private Detective
05/22/15 at 10:48am

Thank you to all the cast of Hart Of Dixie! It was a great run. I can't begin to tell you how outstanding your program was. I wish all of you blessings from God as you pursue your careers and raising your families.
05/10/15 at 12:20pm

I Love Love Love the way they concluded Hart of Dixie! Thank you for tying up all the loose ends in such a wonderful way. :)
04/10/15 at 06:46am

I love Hart of Dixie and myself as well as many other fans have been rallying for more seasons to come. We love the show and we want it to continue for many seasons to come. It is a show that many of us look forward to at the end of the week. The show needs to continue. I think all of us fans have showed both the cw and the actors/actresses how much we love the show and want it to continue. I sincerely hope that Hart of Dixie is not cancelled
Snoops a lot
03/31/15 at 10:48am

To call this a family show is ridiculous. People sleeping with people all over the place. Getting pregnant and being lucky enough to have the guy marry you. Immorality runs deep in this show.
03/10/15 at 11:46am

I love this show. I hope they don't cancel it. It's not deep, but its a great family show.
02/07/15 at 03:16pm

I really hope this series will continue for a few more seasons!
Private Detective
10/29/14 at 09:34am

I'm praying for a very healthy baby. Congrats to Rachel and Hayden!
Code Butcher
10/08/14 at 02:56am

The new season start is delayed because Rachel Bilsen is about to give birth to her 1st child with Hayden Christiansen.

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