Necessary Roughness

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Jun 29, 2011 - Aug 21, 2013






Dani - Callie ThorneMatthew - Marc BlucasNico - Scott CohenLindsay - Hannah MarksRay - Patrick JohnsonT.K. - Mehcad Brooks

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A drama following a single mother who becomes a therapist for a pro sports team.

Dani is a no-nonsense single mother facing tough times. In order to stay afloat, she accepts a position as a therapist for a pro football team.

When Dani's style of 'tough love' counseling starts to catch on, her career begins to flourish and she soon finds herself fielding requests from celebrities, musicians, and politicians for her services.

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Kat Astrophe
06/09/13 at 01:01pm

Glad it's been renewed. This show has a little of everything. Some of Dani's therapy may be a little unorthodox, but it's realistic. Her parenting...very realistic. Her own emotions regarding her clients as well as her own life are very relatable.
I wasn't completely sure I would get "hooked" on this program but it keeps getting better and I am eagerly awaiting the next season!!
06/05/13 at 07:32pm

This is the worst show ever to be renewed for even a second season let alone a third. Terrible writing and misplaced acting. I like the actors and the characters and the show has a good premise but it is so poorly executed that I find myself deleting episodes off my DVR after failing to make it even 10 minutes into an episode. It amazes me that this network can produce pure gold like Covert Affairs and Suits and Psych and White Collar and then fail SOOO miserably with a show like this. I don't get it.
Chris D
01/18/13 at 02:32pm

C'mon Karen, I agree with Tyjohns. There are plenty of mindless reality shows out there, just watch them and learn to skin an alligator (probably a more honest living than yours). This is just entertainment, and damn fine entertainment at that.
12/30/12 at 04:17pm

In response to Ms. Damiano, if the show reflected the true nature of psycotherapy no one would watch it. Why not take a break from yourself and enjoy the show for what it is, good entertainment.
Karen Damiano
05/29/12 at 09:28am

As a psychotherapist, I find this show, and the main character in particular, absolutely offensive! Her manner, her personal style (ghetto nails!) and how she deals with her patients/clients are inappropriate and do not accurately reflect the professional standards she should be reflecting.
09/18/11 at 03:51am

A really great show a pleasure to sit and watch.. and I understand that it has been renewed see quote (under) fro EZTV....
"USA Network just said, "Screw it! We're renewing everything!" Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, and Necessary Roughness will all return for 16-episode seasons. With all seven of the network's original series returning, this is reportedly the largest collection of returning shows for a cable network ever. EVER! [Deadline Hollywood]"

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