Once Upon a Time

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Oct 23, 2011 - May 18, 2018




Drama / Fantasy




Mary Margaret - Ginnifer GoodwinEmma - Jennifer MorrisonMr. Gold - Robert CarlyleRegina - Lana ParrillaSheriff Graham - Jamie DornanHenry - Jared GilmoreJohn Doe - Josh DallasArchie - Raphael Sbarge

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A fantasy drama inspired by classic fairy tales but set in present day.

In Once Upon a Time, fairy tales and the modern world collide. Emma Swan is a bail bonds collector who has been on her own since she was abandoned as a baby. She gave up a son of her own years ago, but he has recently returned - now 10 years old and seeking her help.

At this point everything starts to change. Emma's son tells her that, according to his book of fairy tales, she is actually from an alternate world. In that world she is the missing daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who was sent away in order to protect her from the curse of the Evil Queen - one that has trapped the other world forever.

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01/15/14 at 12:18pm

It surprised me how much I actually ended up loving this show! It leaves you hanging at the end of every show. But what I love most is how they incorporates every fairytale character I can think of!! :)
12/18/13 at 00:18am

Don't know where the Lost and OUAT comparison comes in, maybe because of the back and forth between the worlds but that's where the similarity ends at least for me. A big Fan esp with the way they ended the most recent ep, or the cliffhanger before the Hiatus...... Will definitely be watching as long as they keep making!!!
12/17/13 at 01:16am

nothing like 'lost'
10/07/13 at 11:12am

According to my wife and daughter, this show is just another re-tooled version of "Lost". I didn't like lost, so it's no wonder I didn't care for this one either.
08/01/13 at 06:16am

This show is awesome. The wAy they twist all the fairy tail
Stories together is genius. My only complaint is the acting
So terrible it makes me cringe. Snow White being the worst.
06/25/13 at 05:07pm

I agree 100% with deva. Leave my sci fi alone. grrrrrrr.;)
06/06/13 at 12:12pm

love it. Do not like networks playing silly buggers with when the episodes play. Dear networks -- pls go jerk around the reality shows and leave sci-fi fantasy alone.
thank you
05/10/13 at 08:20pm

I love how they play with the mitology behind every fairytale, and mix them. There is tons of information about the mitology of every fairytale!!
Surely the third will be amazing, NEVERLAND HERE WE GO! I love with all my heart Rumplestiltskin and the amazing job of Robert Carlyle, Rumbelle too of course, they are both amazing pair and chemistry!
04/24/13 at 03:23pm

I really love this show, cleverly written. I was a bit confused with the whole Lacey storyline in the latest episode. I get that the writers are contrasting Belle liking Rumple for being kind and Lacey liking Gold for being bad.
But wasn't she locked up by Regina in this world? Sure, she couldn't remember who she was until the curse was lifted, but how all of a sudden does she have "this world" memories of being a slutty bar fly? I guess Regina planted those, though that wasn't entirely clear. I guess I'll have to watch it again.
04/22/13 at 06:17pm

Someone messed-up on the last episode "Lacey". The scene where Rumpelstiltskin shoots an arrow at the "wand thief", said thief rides off towards a "paved, lined" road ... not good !

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