Once Upon a Time

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Oct 23, 2011 - May 18, 2018




Drama / Fantasy




Mary Margaret - Ginnifer GoodwinEmma - Jennifer MorrisonMr. Gold - Robert CarlyleRegina - Lana ParrillaSheriff Graham - Jamie DornanHenry - Jared GilmoreJohn Doe - Josh DallasArchie - Raphael Sbarge

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A fantasy drama inspired by classic fairy tales but set in present day.

In Once Upon a Time, fairy tales and the modern world collide. Emma Swan is a bail bonds collector who has been on her own since she was abandoned as a baby. She gave up a son of her own years ago, but he has recently returned - now 10 years old and seeking her help.

At this point everything starts to change. Emma's son tells her that, according to his book of fairy tales, she is actually from an alternate world. In that world she is the missing daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who was sent away in order to protect her from the curse of the Evil Queen - one that has trapped the other world forever.

Comments (71)

David Wood
11/14/15 at 01:05pm

I've faithfully watched this show since its beginning, but this is it for me.
The show's just spinning its wheels now. Characters running around and around like bumper cars. Like leftover stew to which you add different amounts of the same ingredients.
10/11/14 at 02:05pm

Hey! Enough with the hook, hook ...
09/13/14 at 10:21am

I love this show.
04/30/14 at 04:15pm

OUAT has announced that Michael Socha from OUATIW will be a series regular in Season 4. They wouldn't have done that if the show were canceled.
04/28/14 at 11:18am

Love this show so much!!!! I love how they put so many fairy tales all together in one show......Awesome!!
Me myself and I
04/27/14 at 06:35pm

Love it it should have like 72 seasons
04/06/14 at 06:58pm

This **** better get renewed because its freaking amazing!
03/02/14 at 03:45pm

This is a Fantastic show I love it!!!!! Can't wait for it to hurry up and air the next episode!!!!!
01/28/14 at 11:59am

This show is an absolute phenomenon! I love how the fantasy world is pulled into the real world. Everybody should definitely give it a shot.
01/17/14 at 04:33pm

I love the show, yet have not found out if their will be a season 4 or not.

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