Paranormal Witness

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Sep 07, 2011 - Oct 16, 2013






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A docu-drama that re-tells stories of paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary series that brings true stories to life about people who have survived paranormal experiences that defy explanation.

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06/10/24 at 09:14pm

I wish you would bring back Paranormal Witness best show ever. I lived in a haunted house for 20 plus years and could relate to these people and what they went or still going through. Consider bringing the show back. I'm sure it had alot of watchers.
Jimmy james
08/01/21 at 06:48pm

Truly heartbroken this show is no longer on the air....never missed an episode. I always say that it was the best tv show ever created,paranormal or was just made so well..not like any other paranormal show ive ever seen.
10/16/20 at 06:17pm

It actually brought back meaning to life for that 1 hour a week.
07/17/20 at 12:24pm

They did it with Being Human, don't do it with Paranormal Witness! You have loyal fans and no one knows if its cancelled or not.
06/28/20 at 05:20pm

Please bring back Paranormal Witness I love to show it's always been my favorite show! I do like somebody above mentioned love other shows like my haunted house as well and evil things it seemed to be made the same way. I'm not entertained by the shows that are on the old days but Paranormal Witness as far as I can tell them every paranormal site that lists paranormal shows that are rated is always rated the highest so what the heck please we get back please please please
06/28/20 at 05:17pm

Bring back Paranormal Witness! My roommate and I love this show it's the best show ever! We're constantly looking to see if there's a 6th season. Everybody we know loves it and we don't even hang out with people who are into the Paranormal. So there's that to any of the people who are not green lighting the show please green light the show and let it come back there are countless fans out there who would love it. If radiator is declined that's only because maybe marketing wasn't as good because so many people are switch to watching things over the internet that doesn't mean people were not as interested in watching it they just needed to get advertising out there more
06/28/20 at 05:14pm

I too would be ecstatic if Paranormal Witness came back I also love show my haunted house and evil things. Paranormal Witness was the best everybody loved it at the highest ratings why on Earth did they not bring back more seasons?!
06/28/20 at 03:38pm

06/21/20 at 05:09am

Absolutely one of the BEST paranormal shows ever made!
Please bring it back!
Kathy Cavasos
06/07/20 at 06:26am

Please renew Paranormal Witness
This was the scariest show based on true stories. PLEASE!!!

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