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Sep 21, 2011 - May 10, 2015








Victoria - Madeleine StoweEmily - Emily Van CampNolan - Gabriel MannConrad - Henry CzernyAshley - Ashley MadekweJack - Nick WechslerDaniel - Josh BowmanCharlotte - Christa B. AllenDeclan - Connor Paolo

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A drama following a mysterious woman who arrives in the Hamptons to seek revenge on those who destroyed her family.

Emily Thorne has recently arrived in the wealthy town of the Hamptons. In settling into her new surroundings, she has introduced herself to her neighbors and made some friends.

However there is something not quite right about a young girl living alone in such a place. In actuality, Emily isn't really new to the neighborhood after all. She lived here once until something terrible happened that destroyed her family and their reputation.

With her return, Emily is hoping to right some of those wrongs by extracting revenge on those responsible.

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Sandy Cashner
01/04/17 at 08:54pm

What's wrong with ABC??????? This was one of the best and cliff hanging shows there were. Would love for you to bring it back!!!!
05/23/15 at 02:17pm

Miss it always looked forward for Sunday night . Always interesting to see what would happen, too bad if it doesn't continue
05/13/15 at 11:34pm

Tho it became slow at times, I really did get hooked watching it from the beginning. It held because the characters were so well drawn, and the casting was elegant: Madeline Stowe, Emily Van Camp, Nolan (Gabriel Mann), Elena Satine (Louise), Henry Cserny (Conrad Grayson), Karine Vanasse (Margaux), and the wonderful men in Amanda Clarke's life..with the exception of the casting for her father David Clarke, what WAS it about that actor that bugged me,,,he just seemed stiff, and just NOT INTO it!...anyway..I was ready for the finale, thought it closed pretty well. Some very nice twists and touches. Thank goodness she finally got together with Jack ! And the puppy! Well, couldn't find a romance novel ending that was better. :o) Thanks for this one ABC.
Kevin Wingrove
05/13/15 at 01:04am

Sorry you have Revenge down as a cancelled show.
In fact it is a concluded show due to episode S04 EP23
05/12/15 at 08:43am

Thank you,at least when you were told you did not have another season.
You had respect enough for the fans, to at least make another episode that actually finished the show.
I wish this could become the norm.
Cil Long
05/11/15 at 02:22pm

Why are you taking off one of the best shows on TV. Wish there was a way to continue. Hope ABC reconsiders
NJ Mark
05/09/15 at 05:36pm

This was one show that I can honestly say I never missed one episode and I watched it live with commercials each time. I was amazed how they could keep this story line going as long as they did. Sure hope they close this out properly and that Emily VanCamp gets a good series offer.
05/09/15 at 08:48am

my Sunday evenings always include,REVENGE . I have high regards for the writers and feel that they will follow through ,not disappoint & continue to hold my interest as they always have .Standing novations for ,writers,staff and all involved in the production of my #1 show . prayers for continued success .
shell deleon
05/01/15 at 08:25pm

Its no longer about "REVENGE"-EMILY/AMANDAS REVENGE . Everyone is long gone or would of been nice if daniels 1st ex aka i think she was a chef that emily cut their relationship off, if she came back with a baby of daniel to give the both familes peace and forgiveness. Other than that its just overelly raw and done. Besides victory could have planted the dead body of the lady she shot and killed in earlier season that both Conrad/victory disposed of. Goodbye REVENGE.
04/30/15 at 11:45am

I've enjoyed Revenge. But with Conrad Grayson's confession and death and David Clarke's exoneration, it seemed like the show would "jump the shark" if it went beyond this spring. Hopefully, we'll get closure.

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