Teen Wolf

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Jun 06, 2011 - Sep 24, 2017




Drama / Fantasy




Scott - Tyler PoseyAllison - Crystal ReedDerek - Tyler HoechlinStiles - Dylan O'BrienLydia - Holland RodenJackson - Colton Haynes

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A supernatural drama following a teenager whose life changes when he becomes a werewolf.

Scott is a social outcast in his town of Beacon Hills. One night while wandering in the woods, he is bitten by a werewolf, changing his life forever.

Now he must attempt to hide his shape-shifting secret and maintain a normal life as a teenager. Only his best friend and another mysterious werewolf know the truth.

Comments (21)

06/22/14 at 10:19am

I think I'm in love.
06/17/14 at 12:27pm

I love the show too. But from the beginning the alpha werewolves were pretty bad azzes.. and strong... Since Scott has become an alpha.. I don't see that in him at all! You can be a bad azz and strong and still be a good guy... look at the Hulk..
04/26/14 at 03:44pm

love this show
03/02/14 at 04:36pm

Love this show ... Look forward to every episode~!!~!
11/05/12 at 06:17pm

Great show! When it's coming back? I wanna scare my girlfriend again! LOL!
08/15/12 at 09:58am

Very cool, can see it get even darker. The ending for season one was really good and hope to see the second season happen.
05/01/12 at 05:24pm

is it cancelled
04/04/12 at 08:54pm

Can Tyler Hoechlin have his own series please!!!
James Brown
03/20/12 at 09:53pm

Love the show just wondering when the second season will start and when I can get the first season on DVD. The season finale was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/23/12 at 00:01am

Great show, very suprized, expected a Vampire Diaries look alike, but I think it is a far better show

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